The movie frame game 20:20

Tom suggested a new thread for this so here we go.

This is the movie frame game, with a twist. Post the frame from 20 minute 20 seconds into the film. If people are stumped, post the frame 40 minutes 40 seconds in. Finally, 60:60. If nobody gets it after that, you may reveal the film’s identity. The winner gets to post the next film frame, so only one film at a time.

Edit: here is a list of films already submitted:
Thanks to everyone who helped compile the list!

I’ll start with this popular and well known film:

20:20 guess the film

I was going to guess [Rec] based on that looking a bit like the lobby of the apartment building in that movie and my suspicion that those men are swarthy Spaniards. But I think the building in [Rec] was too nice to have graffitti on the walls. Also, that doesn’t look like it was shot with a digital camera.

That’s a tough one, Mr. One One Four. But I love this game. Can I suggest that we don’t post a new frame into the current one is solved, or will it slow the thread down too much?


That’s fine, and no it is not [REC] but you are very, VERY warm!


But there are at least 24 frames per second in most films! How do we choose which one?

Is is the American remake of [Rec]? Quarantine? That can’t be right. Hmm, it looks inexpensive and European, but none of those guys looks like anyone from Rambock, as near as I remember.


EDIT: Ahh, I love Mr. Hilts’ guess! I hope that’s it.

Oh, man, that’s totally Cloverfield. Sick hint, I went with the spanish instead of the camera and forgot about the popular part. But that’s Jake G in the suit.

Virgil: nope… You got it on your second guess!

Omnicia: just pick one! ;]

Tom: nope

I am not allowed to post images due to my pathetic postcount, sadface, cause I think I had a good one.

Virgil, email it to me at [email protected], or send me the URL to it, and I’ll paste it into your post.


I love this game idea, by the way. Kudos, 114.

Thanks. And if you have a frame to go right now, feel free to post it.

Whoa, Virgil won the contest! He gets the next frame, doesn’t he? Virgil, send me your link or JPG and I’ll see that it gets posted stat.


I thought it was to be one movie at a time, regardless of the winner.

I would prefer that, in the very likely case the winner might not have a frame ready. Agreed?

Until he gets another 19 posts or so, here’s Virgil’s frame:

And I hope this isn’t cheating because I got first look at it, but I’m guessing it’s In the Loop.


I think having the winner get the option is a good way to do it, otherwise it’s a race and it gets messy. Email to Tom sent. This game also seems like an excellent way for me to up my post count and then, boy are you guys in for some images. Images and links.

Tom- Nope. The clue I would’ve put in my original post is that it bears some tenuous thematic link to Vys114’s selection.

OK I agree then. Winner gets to post the next frame.

Hmm. Unless I’m missing something, that’s a terrible frame! I’m tempted to just start listing movies with connections to Cloverfield, but I’ll refrain.

For now…