The movie frame game 20:20

Also for seeing the difference between Dean and Ricky. It’s like foie gras vs. McDonalds. Let me peruse a bit, I would throw up a screen from Her Master’s Voice but since documentaries are off-limits I’ll search a bit.

I’m not sure if this is up, I’m in my cups and really enjoyed this movie:

Now You See Me!

I got one, I got one!

So it is, have at it Sharaleo!

Alrighty! This could be a tough one!


Hey, it’s The Governor from Walking Dead during his “stumbling around with a beard” phase.


Wouldn’t he be missing an eye patch or something? I’m way behind on my Walking Dead…

The 40:

It’s not Switchblade Sisters, but I wish it was.

Alrighty, hint time I guess!

60 and 80 below.

Finally we get to see glimpses of the motorbike that famously featured heavily in this Australian cult classic biker movie, 5 years the junior of Mad Max. A certain 900cc Kawasaki.

Is it “900cc Kawasaki: This Time It’s Personal”?

Is it “Hey You’re Starting to Piss Me Off Max”?

Mad Max Origins: Toecutter?


I could cheat (there’s an easily googled bit of scenery) but I have never seen or heard of the movie in question.

Yeah if you google ““900cc Kawasaki” Australian Movie” you get the answer. But, like you, I have never even heard of it, so . . . I feel it’s probably more sporting to at least wait for an Australian dude to pick up the slack on this one.

No to all of the above, I don’t think nay of them are real movies… ;)

The answer is 1974’s Stone. Tough, but I thought someone would actually get it, as it was a cult classic from over here. Well worth digging up if you are into motorbike movies or the original Mad Max was up your alley.

Now the victor…

Mad Max Origins: Toecutter?


Is going to have to go to Tom, on account of Hugh Keays-Byrne, who played Toecutter in Mad Max, actually starring in Stone 5 years earlier!

That must have been a re-release poster. Stone was 74, Mad Max was 79. I guess they must have tried to leverage Mad Max’s popularity.

Yeah, I was wondering about that. It does looks sort of “penciled in.” And look at all the folds! It was in somebody’s back pocket, probably needed both hands to drive his 900cc Kawasaki!

I win! I’ll post a 20:20 shortly. If you guys can’t get it, I will cuff you to a wrecked car and engineer it to blow up in five minutes. Then I’ll throw you a hacksaw and explain that it’ll take six minute to saw through the chain, but only three minutes to saw through your limb. Then I will drive away. When it explodes in the background, I won’t turn around to look at the explosion because I am that cool. Then I will be in two more movies, one of which will really suck because I will have to rescue a bunch of little kids.


No winning answers, but here is a much easier 40:40
not here but here: