The Mummy (2017) - Tom Cruise and the start of Universal's monster universe


June 9, 2017. Alex Kurtzman directing.

It's set in the modern day. Sofia Boutella, the fetching lass with the blade-feet in Kingsman, is playing the titular monster.

Kurtzman and Chris Morgan are teaming up to oversee Universal's shared universe of monster movies.

Cruise isn’t expected to produce, but he will play a major part in development. Characters from the monster universe films are expected to crop up in each other’s installments before culminating in an “Avengers”-style tie-in film.


I have bad feelings about this!


Who’s going to play Abbott and Costello in the finale?


Not until after he’s done with the doubleheader.


Not sure how to picture in mind a female mummy monster. I like original series with mix of comedy.



Adam Sandler and Kevin James




No, he’s on second.


Who’s on second?


No, he’s on first.

Maybe I’m in a minority, but I absolutely loved the first two Mummy movies as-is. Even the kid in the second one didn’t cause pain and suffering the way that the addition of a kid usually does - he did a great job. I don’t mind if they extend the universe already created (they can ignore anything from the 3rd if they want), but don’t just remake the first :(


Please don’t call the Brendan Fraser movies “the first 2 mummy movies.” Have some decency, man.


I was just thinking the same thing. I love the Fraser movie (haven’t seen the sequels), but have some small sense of history.


Fair enough - I haven’t actually seen the others. I’ll amend to ‘the first two Fraser movies’.


The Mummy.


Hm. Do they seriously think they will somehow generate as many fans for a monster movie crossover world as are inherent in the superhero franchises? Unless these are very low-budget efforts, seems to me this whole project is headed for a fall.


Agree on the fail part, but only because it’ll be so poorly done, judging by the studio’s recent Dracula/Mummy movies. I would have loved to have seen a lower budget but legit hard-R horror series, possibly but not necessarily set in the 19th century to make resources, knowledge etc. scarcer. In other words, essentially remakes faithful in style/tone but updated with modern effects and for modern horror sensibilities.

Instead, as you indicated, they are going to make these “superhero” movies - heavy CGIed, overblown action-adventures, pg-rated, starring goofballs like Tom Cruise.

Ah well, we’ll always have the Hammer Horror remakes.


I presume that the “monsters” are in fact the misunderstood heroes of these movies, right? So you’ve got Bard (Luke Evans) from the Hobbit movies playing Dracula, Sofia Boutella as the Mummy. I’m going to say… Seth Rogan as the Wolfman since I don’t think Del Toro is going to be available.

For Frankenstein’s monster, is Eckhart going to reprise his award-winning turn? “I, Frankenstein” won an Oscar, right?


Russell Crowe may be in this Mummy reboot as Dr. Jekyll.

Also, I don’t believe we discussed it, but Johnny Depp is playing The Invisible Man in this series.


This is coming out on Mother’s day, right?


Depp as the Invisible Man. This explains Mortdecai. First the invisible movie…