The Mummy (2017) - Tom Cruise and the start of Universal's monster universe


Wow, you guys are good - getting all that from a 30 second trailer.


Well done.


Huh? There was a 30 second teaser, but the one charlatan linked was a full 2:30 trailer


Ah, I stand corrected. That is pretty much a whole movie isn’t it?


Call me an undead world ending menace, but i liked the trailer and i don’t think i will miss the “humor” from the previous mummy movies.


Just watched the trailer, I cant wait to watch it:)


I didn’t know Tom Cruise frequented these boards.


Please watch this immediately:

IMAX uploaded a trailer with a botched edit with much of the audio missing. What’s there is hilarious. The original was quickly pulled, but mirrors have sprung up.

Here’s a slightly shorter version in a tweet in case that particular YouTube link gets pulled:

Seriously, we need some kind of forum wide alert for times like this, because if Universal manages to get all these pulled before you read this thread, you’re going to miss the best film of the year.


Wowjustwow. This has to be malice. Couldn’t possibly be accidental.


Yeah, it’s like that trailer from earlier in the thread but with the music pulled out of the plane sequence. Which makes it sound hilarious.


It doesn’t help that a couple of edits are literally repeated during the trailer.



Man, I’m glad I saw that before it was down. Hilarious. if anyone has another link, please post.


This mirror link still has the trailer in all its glory.



Not the first time something like that’s happened.


It is superior to the original trailer in every way in that it was actually hilarious and entertaining.


“Oh sorry about that last trailer with the bad editing and poor sound. Here’s a new one. We have explosions!”


Actually that looks pretty good. I have a fair amount of confidence in Cruise’s ability to pick good scripts.


This trailer could be spliced with those 2000’s Mummy movies and You wouldn’t see much of a difference other than those had some jokes thrown around at times.

Another boring Hollywood “blockbuster” with Tom Cruise running around allot trying to show everyone he still the action man at 50+ years old.


I see Tom is still being cast with female costars half his age. Good work if you can get it I guess.