The Music of 2020

It’s 2020 and new music is still happening.

New Beach Slang album is out, it’s alright.

Also looks like new Wire on the way end of the month.

Also I recall people here dug Caroline Rose, well she’s got new stuff too

That Caroline Rose song is just amazing. Right now for me her career seems pretty limitless.

Agreed! Not to mention, she’s completely hilarious.

Yeah, that was awesome. Very cool song and such a great simple video.

Can’t wait for a new Wire record.

In the meantime, really digging this Georgia album.

Scott Miller was apparently very persnickety about letting anyone listen to the recordings he made of songs in progress, so I think this is the last of posthumous releases that will come out with any sort of official blessing. Lots of this is focused on the final, never-recorded Game Theory lineup that came together in 1989 with Jozef Becker of Thin White Rope on drums and Michael Quercio of the Three O’Clock on bass and backing vocals. Lots of these songs would end up re-recorded for the first Loud Family album.

Giving a first spin to the Pale Saints’ Comforts Of Madness 30-year anniversary reissue/remaster, and it’s pretty spectacular. At first I was just kind of grooving out on some of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums. And then I realized…THERE’S ACTUAL LOW END ON THE REMASTER. You can actually hear the bass. Which means you can actually groove out to it!

And honestly, as I’m having ears blasted back to being a 23 year old kid and just having the time of my life with this disc, this reissue compared to the original thin and reedy production feels like when Wizard of Oz goes from black and white to full technicolor. It’s glorious!

(Also, I am listening to it on very expensive headphones that are cranked up to ear-splitting levels, for reference.)

Nice! I didn’t know that was happening. Thanks! Purchased. Can’t wait.

Chances are it’ll sound better than the cassette I loved to blast on the car stereo of my Dad’s hand-me-down gray Oldsmobile.

RIP Vaughan.

Grrr totally forgot this was coming out…ordered! This is definitely a Top 2 shoegaze record for me. Really glad I didn’t miss out, thanks!

My guess is I can live with the single LP…I can probably live without the demo versions.

They’ve got the full demo they did, which ends up being a bunch of well-recorded, but more “live” sounding versions of all the songs from the album.

And honestly, it’s pretty terrific stuff, much better than the usual demo fare on reissues like this.

Yeah, that sounds really cool. I was on the fence but I went for the double LP version.

The Radiohead Public Library has opened. Loads of content to explore.

Countermagic, as in, countermeasure:

I’m more of a Radiohead appreciator than what I’d call a Radiohead fanatic, but I just spent about 45 minutes losing myself in all those little live odds and ends especially.

Yeah, it’s an insane treasure trove. Very cool to see their entire body of work presented like that.

Anyone else remember spending a lot of money for this kind of live/rare stuff on VHS or DVD?? I mean, Jesus.

I know they’re not remotely cool anymore, but I’m a longtime Pearl Jam fan, and they just put out their first new music in a couple of years, leading up to a new album release (6 years since the last one) later this spring.

I’ve got tickets to see them for their spring tour (my 6th or 7th time.)

Eh, music needn’t necessarily be “cool” to be mentioned here. And I’d still argue PJ is pretty cool as it is!

If it’s music of 2020 in any related way, and it’s good or significant (or both, as in this case!) I wanna know. :)

Pearl Jam are so cool.

I actually recently kinda got into Pearl Jam after only ever having heard the radio hits back in the day (which I mostly didn’t care that much for). I blame Bill Simmons. After hearing the lead-in and lead-out PJ tracks twice a week on his podcast for the last couple of years, I decided to go check them out.

I still don’t really think the albums are up to much, but they’re a terrific live band.