The Music Quote Game

God speed you Gary Whitta. I’ve been thinking alot about some song lyrics recently. Thought it’d be fun to post some of them and see if you guys can pick out who sung what. Feel free to name the artist and/or add your own lyrics.

If I allow it to be
It has no control over me
I have my fear
So it does not have me

And she says, “Ooh darlin’
don’t you know?
The darkness comes and the darkness goes”
She says, “Ooh babe why don’t you let it go?
Happiness aint never how you think it should be so”

If you want love
You must be love
But if you bleed love
You will die loved

We’re just holding on to nothing
To see how long nothing lasts

The less than life you live
The lessons make you lame but the same, boy

Live for a future
that never arrives on time?