The Muslim Ban: America Loses Its Mind.


So some tiny dicked, small brained, insecure, racist, homophobic, sexist, rapey, classless, obvious combover hairless, fat, scum sucking big game hunter son having, reality star embarrassment who became President of the United States (deep breath)…

Just went and banned all Muslims (not Christians) from an arbitrary list (more discussion on this later I’m sure) from entering the country for 90 days. Jackboot thugs are moving detainees around airports and cities, people in limbo and scared in ports and airports all over the country.

So that happened. This is sure to be the top story for the next week. Commence the discussion. Sources everywhere, let’s see what comes of this. We have to keep the thread active at least until this is over.


No, no, he only banned them from the countries where he doesn’t have business interests.


Right. Plenty of Muslims in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. It’s not even a true Muslim ban because people of other religions are also banned. But yes, it is going to be a total shit show. Canada has already said that they’re willing to take those turned away from the US.


Fuck Trump. I don’t even care about being civil. Fuck him and everyone that supports him.


SeaTac airport:

Have fun with Giuliani explaining how this went down:


I like how by factual he actually means fabricated fear-mongering


A positive moment when the stay from the judge came through:


My favorite part was that they didn’t even ban countries that had citizens present in the 9/11 attacks. Without doing that it is just… dumb. Not that i would support a a ban on Saudi Arabia either, but they could make a token argument they were doing it for some non religious reason if they did ban them.

When i heard that Trump did his Muslim ban i was ashamed to be an American and embarrassed to talk to my international friends. Even though i did not vote for Trump, I feel like there is collective guilt in him taking power.

Then when i saw the protests in airports, the outcry and the very quick stay against this lunacy by a federal judge, it restored some of my faith in my fellow Americans and in my country. I fear this is not the last we hear on the matter though.


Every single fuckin one of em can jump off a goddamn cliff for all I care. What an absolute goddamn embarrassment.


So unbelievably ashamed of the nation, but equally proud of New York, and all the other protest sites, to stand up against this travesty. Thank goodness for the ACLU. Fight On this front is not over, and there are MANY fronts to contend with.


Posted this in the wrong thread already, but really all the Trump threads overlap in their horror.

Per usual, even if Trump decisions are overturned immediately, he’s already done permanent damage.

You went through all that trouble to get a green card to become a permanent legal resident? Fuck you. We can take it away at any time. We can separate you from your children. We can reward you for helping us by sending you back to the people that want to kill you. We won’t even have the decency to notify you before you board a plane to the country that won’t let you in. We’ll punish you green card holders for cooperating with us and trusting the American Institution. What fools you were.

We know we are hurting the very people who cooperated and believed in us. And yeah, we know the end result will be people in the future are less likely to trust the Unites States, our legal system, and our legal guarantees. We don’t give a fuck.


This cannot be overstated. Something very radical needs to be one right now to dispose this dipshit orange mutant clown. I would instantly vote to cede from the Union and join Canada or Mexico instead of staying part of this shitty Union and its shity citizens with their fucking Cro-Magnon opinons. And for everyone on this forum who voted for Trump, fuck you too.

In the good news front, CA steps up:


Jumping ship isn’t going to help anyone. It’s like these secession people in California. Yeah, great, you’re now all alone with no ability to feed/clothe/provide goods for half your population because you’re surrounded on all sides by a country that you just bailed on and it hates you now. Also, how does the GOP ever get beaten back by losing all those blue voters?


Intellectually I know that, but reason kinda goes out the window when literally everything I care about is systematically destroyed - and millions gleefully cheer. It’s disgusting.

Besides, if all the Blue states joined Canada then it would become a world superpower ;)


Uber broke the NYC Taxi strike at JFK and pretty much the entire internet told them to go fuck themselves and deleted the Uber App.

Uber tried to cover their ass… 5 hours later, but no one is biting.

Good time to have invested in Lyft.


Folks have no idea how much damage this will cause- especially since he’s targeted folks who interpreted for our troops- at massive danger and death to themselves and their families. No one’s going to help us out like that again.

At this point - we’re going to have to take the tactics of the 60s, full-fledged MLK tactics, mass boycotts that will hurt us- in order to stop this crap before it gets entrenched.

This is the most dangerous time in American history- and if you’re in any way Republican, registered Republican whatever, you have to call Congressfolks and let them know if they don’t stop this stuff, you’re switching sides for good. Us Dems can’t do this, but you Republicans might be able to cow your Congresspeople into showing some Americanism.


Maybe this should be read before the hysterics?


“However, there are reports that the ban is being applied even to green-card holders. This is madness.”

Yeah, it’s good to get some perspective. But the implementation of this so far appears to be insane (such as the above), and yet consistent with everything feared about this administration. People are frightened by this sort of behaviour, and surely it’s not hard to see why?

Edit: It’s also not even clear this is effective even if innocent in prejudice. The countries affected seem to have very little, if any, history of terrorism in America, while a number of countries not affected have a long history of producing terrorists that have impacted America. Conveniently, they also have Trump hotels in them. I think quietly suggesting this is more motivated by prejudice than fact is not at all hysteria.


Thanks for the bullshit article.
Nothing like a little fear mongering with the morning coffee.


Sounds like Giuliani was channeling Lee Atwater.