The Muslim Ban: America Loses Its Mind.


In fairness, I eventually upgraded that to “humans are stupid,” because plenty of goddamned piece-of-shit idiots decided not to vote at all, against Orange Hitler here or otherwise.


You know, that’s easy in hindsight, but I direct you to this very forum a year, heck six months ago, for my rebuttal.

Very few people took his candidacy seriously. In fact, I remember when I was the lone person on this forum back in the primaries saying Trump would not drop out when asked for his tax information. As the primaries narrowed, @Timex and I were part of a minority advising Democrats to stop wishing for a Trump GOP win because anything could happen in the general election.

I’m not saying that I had some kind of prescience or intelligence beyond anyone else. (It’s mostly because I’m a paranoid cynic that always expects the worst.) My point is that the majority of smart folks didn’t think Trump would win.


Because many of us thought that the media would do their fucking job and grill him about his endless scandals and conflicts with equal vim and vigor to that they used on Clinton’s e-mails. But this was too much for the craven useless tools that populate the American news media.


That’s the problem with society. Too many damned people in it.


I think most people wind up liberal because of how much they love their fellow man. I got here via my seething hatred of them :)


If you check my old posts, I was constantly venting that the media was treating Hillary like a serious Presidential person where every little thing needs to be scrutinized and carefully critiqued to find every little problem, and never contrasted the scope and scale of the problems to Trump’s problems because everyone assumed that of course Hillary will win. I still believe that was perhaps he biggest factor in the election coverage and among potential voters as well.


I can respect that, lol


Well that’s true for some, but I remember a number of people coming here telling the rest of us not to jump off cliffs because a few of us, including yours truly, was making herself sick each night with the thought of that man in charge of the country or that so many people hate minorities enough that they would vote for him in the off chance he might keep a factory open.


Exactly. Lets compare the airtime given to Trump’s refusal to release tax returns and conflicts of interest vs EMAILS. And that doesn’t even include the close ties of his inner circle to Russia, his pussy-grabbing, etc.

It should have been non-stop barrage of negative coverage, because he was saying and doing absolutely horrible shit. But every time he said something horrifying, our news media had to cut away to a panel discussing Clinton’s email server. Y’know, to be balanced.


I went to the Ohio primaries and voted as a Republican (which stung, just a little after 2 elections happily voting for Obama) for Kasich specifically to deny Trump a victory. I wish more people in more states had done that, denied him in the primaries, because then it wouldn’t have ever come down to the showdown of “list of insane shit too big to comprehend” vs. “but her emails”.

I will cop to being guilty of thinking once the main election campaigning had begun that “list of insane shit to big to comprehend” would have to be the downfall for him though. I mean, seriously? I vastly underestimated the hate for “Killary” on the right, and vastly underestimated the number of people who would simply stay home and not vote at all because they hated both candidates. I never understood that thought process. “I hate both main candidates, so I refuse to vote, and instead will subject myself to the whims of whoever does decide to vote, which will be people who love the two candidates I hate, meaning I have no chance at being anything other than pissed off about the outcome.” WTF?

There are a large number of factors as to why were are here, staring at President Trump, contemplating wars with China and the Middle East, deregulation of our financial system that will crush middle-America, the destruction of healthcare as we know it, the gutting of what is left of our public education system, and the possible destruction of the inner workings of our republic in ways that will take a generation or more to repair, if we’re not all glowing mutants before then. But the bottom line, the thing that keeps coming back around over and over and over again, is that a large portion of the American public is simply ignorant, and decades of starving our Education system to feed the rest of our bloated governmental structure has finally come back to haunt us.


Yup. And I already discussed this in one of the other threads. I really believe a big part of the outcome was that Trump’s “list of insane shit too big to comprehend” and Hillary’s “EMAILS” both exploited a particularly unique chink in the armor of the media and how people process news.

Trump’s daily mortar blast of crazy during the elections was just too hard to follow for most people. It’s exhausting, and so far out there, that the narrative never solidified except the general idea that he was a misogynistic nut. If you were against Trump you could only focus on one or two things before the stories shifted to the next colossal dump of bad behavior or terrible idea. We’re seeing it right now in his presidency. These first couple of weeks have been so chock full of crazy, that no one can really follow it all. The news media drowns in it. But what are they going to do? Not report insane shit from Trump? For Trump supporters, this barrage of crazy is great because they love him being an ass. For detractors, it’s a giant cluster.

In contrast, the drumbeat against Hillary was a relentless pounding of “BENGHAZI” and “EMAILS.” The email narrative was especially hurtful because before the primaries even started people were talking about her private email server. The actual news shifted to the DNC email hack later, but to anyone not really paying close attention (IE everyone outside of political nuts like us) it was a constant “EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL.” Even though one issue was not related to the other, and one was not her fault, it didn’t matter. People conflated the two into one constant alarm. I would bet that if you asked people about it now, over half the voters (yes, even the pro-Hillary ones) couldn’t really tell you the difference between the two email issues.


During the elections?? I’m wondering if the daily crazy will ever stop!


Oh, I know.


The cognitive dissonance I’ll never understand:

“Yeah Trump is a narcissistic liar, but CROOKED HILLARY!!”

Like, can’t you be a fucking adult and connect the dots? Don’t you realize that the only reason why you think Hillary is “crooked” is because a fucking narcissistic liar kept saying it??


I’m hearing statements now like “I don’t really trust CNN”. While normally a bit of skepticism is warranted … now? Bloody peasants. Call back the Queen, we can’t handle it anymore. Even though only anecdotal, I was even speaking to one guy who loves Trump who also brags he hasn’t read a book since 2006. Why does he get to vote again?



“The decision shuts down the executive order immediately,” Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a news conference outside the courthouse after US District Judge James Robert issued his ruling in the lawsuit, brought by Ferguson on behalf of the state.

“No one is above the law — not even the President,” Ferguson said.


Fucking A. Mic drop from WA State.


I am so proud to be living here right now.


How long before he tries removing Federal judges that actually enforce the law? I know they can’t be legally removed like that but this is 2017.