The Muslim Ban: America Loses Its Mind.


You can pretty much call the 3:00AM tweet now : "Traitor judge in Washington trying to kill my order to stop immigration from terrorist countries. Still mad that their candidate lost election! Sad! "
Followed by: “Sore loser Dems want to put us all in danger. Let Canada take the refugees. I’m putting America first and keeping us all safe! #MAGA


I’m sure Trump will call him one of those “activist judges”.


I hope he tries.


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The cognitive dissonance I’ll never understand:

“Yeah Trump is a narcissistic liar, but CROOKED HILLARY!!”[/quote]
That’s not cognitive dissonance, it’s the absence of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is a good thing. It’s the people who never experience it who’ve either mastered doublethink or are simply too stupid to even try to form a self-consistent belief system.


Sooo… Still working on mastering restraint, thoughtfulness and diplomacy, I see.

He described federal judge James Robart as a “so-called” justice whose “ridiculous” opinion “essentially takes law-enforcement away from” the US.

Are we nearly done with the 4 years yet? :(



Trump does not seem to understand the difference between an opinion and a ruling.


Can we just bring on the dinosaurs, like with a bad thread, but instead with a whole nation?


The dinosaurs are coming from inside the White House.





Where’s this from? It pretty much describes just about every Republican I know on FB.


Which is where I posted it. If i have any of those so called friends and family i never hear from still on my FB with those thoughts, this should get rid of them.


Found the original source:



So I guess the schadenfreude here is that we now have the very situation that Trump & Co. said they wanted to avoid: a rush to come to the US while the stay is in effect. Everyone and their mother who was thinking about coming to the US is getting on a plane as fast as they can.

It’s kindof beautiful.


Well, it’s not like those people can magic visas out of thin air. I don’t blame them. Otoh, it makes you feel for how bad things must be wherever they are that they want to walk into this mess.


Yeah anyone outside the country for work, people who’ve lived years in the USA with foreign visas should be headed in now, and that’s not their fault, that’s his. And if we do get attacked, it will also be Trump’s fault. He’s throwing fuel on the fire for the groups that are anti-American by showing just how un-American / hypocritical we can become.


Any attack is gonna be America’s Reichstag fire.


We knew that the second he was elected, this just reaffirms it.