The Muslim Ban: America Loses Its Mind.


Whatever Fuckface von Clownstick. Is he screaming?


I wonder how long it will be until insulting loufa-faced shitgibbon will become a cottage industry? :D


And, of course, a big part of the 9th’s ruling was that the administration failed to show there was any increased risk to national security that warranted the EO. So, literally, the security of our nation is not at stake no matter how much how much he wants to yell it is.


I wonder if any of his aides have told him that they were in court.


He’s taking this all the way to Judge Judy, mark my words.


That was practice court. This will be for real court. Just the biggest court.


Liberal legal experts I follow like seem to think it’s very likely the courts can not stop the ban ultimately. The President has the power to do it.

Their DeVos episode is also excellent, the courts aren’t likely to save us from her either:


The government was trying to say that the courts had no power to review at all-- that is seldom a fruitful argument. What if Trump had said that no one named “Ken” would henceforth be admitted to the country? By the statute, that is apparently in his power, but it is obviously ridiculous and serves no legitimate purpose. Statutes can’t give the president power to do unconstitutional things.


I think back on the debates, when (in reference to her time as a senator), Trump kept huffing “Well, if you wanted to do those things, why didn’t you???”. Her reply was an exasperated “Because GWB was the president and had a veto?”.

At the time, I thought he was just being obtuse, but since then I’ve come to the conclusion that he was dead serious and his confusion stems from the fact that he lacks even the civics knowledge of a first grader. He seems genuinely bewildered how a so-called judge can thwart an imperial edict from the God-Emperor.

I mean, doesn’t this judge get it? He won!


But dude, he comprehends really well.


The fact that Trump is now literally screaming on twitter is amazeballs.

Pretty sure the nuclear clock just moved a little bit closer to midnight.

Holy shit, it’s awesome, now when he tweets something, it is instantly full of 80 million people laughing at him and calling him an idiot. Like, zero supporters… just millions of people posting memes and shit making fun of him.

He is fucking throwing things around in the whitehouse right now.


Most awkward interview I’ve seen in a long time (Breitbart interviewing Spicer RE the 9th’s ruling)



Whoo, a nice go-fuck-yourself in the decision from the 9th Circuit.

Instead, the Government has taken the position that the President’s decisions about immigration policy, particularly when motivated by national security concerns, are unreviewable, even if those actions potentially contravene constitutional rights and protections. The Government indeed asserts that it violates separation of powers for the judiciary to entertain a constitutional challenge to executive actions such as this one.

There is no precedent to support this claimed unreviewability, which runs contrary to the fundamental structure of our constitutional democracy.

Good luck with the Supremes, Trump.



Would pay for a pay-per-view half hour of Judge Judy vs Trump.


Judge Judy would have him bound and gagged for repeatedly interrupting her. Judge Judy doesn’t fuck around.


If we examine the specific rule of Trump’s Law which states that any insults Trump hurls at others invariably apply to himself, we indeed get this gem from his talk to the sheriff’s association:

The president puts on a highly public show of trying to sway the judges during remarks at a gathering of police chiefs in Washington, D.C. Trump says the law gives him expansive power to block foreigners from entering the country.

“A bad high school student would understand this,” Trump says.


Yeah ive got in the habit of cc’ing him in on good mocking tweets, memes, insults etc because theres a chance he actually reads it.


Trump voters lol: