The Muslim Ban: America Loses Its Mind.


The other juicy bit:

Only 47% of Trump voters know that Frederick Douglass is dead, compared to 78% of Clinton voters who know that. Even though they evidently need it, Trump voters aren’t very excited about Black History Month. Only 45% of them have a favorable opinion of it, to 35% with a negative one. By contrast it’s 81/9 for Clinton voters. And in yet another measure of the terrible economic anxiety gripping Trump voters though, 46% of them think there should be a White History Month to 36% opposed to that concept.


Headline: Trump Voters Pieces of Racist Shit, Also, Humans Require Oxygen to Survive


Also dumber than most fucking farm animals.


I mean, at least most pigs understand that fucking for pleasure is awesome, unlike the average Religious Right nutjob. . .


“For God and Country!”



Never one to make an un-backed-up statement on P&R (see above headline for a fact I am far more confident of, for instance), I am disappointed to learn that the old yarn about only humans, dolphins, and pigs fucking for fun is probably inaccurate. . . but only because sex for pleasure is probably widespread in the animal kingdom!


Bonobo apes are a case study in themselves.


Man, PPP is so great.


Gaming news! But I dare not post it there.

Valve will consider moving The International – the biggest Dota tournament of the year with an 8 figure prize pool – out of the US based on the ban.


Yup. This is an issue for a lot of gaming companies. Serious contingency discussions started that first weekend at a few places I know. For some studios, it’s literally a make-it or break-it issue, as in key staff are potentially impacted.


So, California after Calexit?


Conspiracy brain time: I’m seriously concerned about a false-flag attack from a “Muslim” cell in the near future to show how “vulnerable” the country is. I don’t know if Trump is batshit enough to order it, but I believe Bannon is.


I fully expect something like this, but yeah, more Bannon than Trump.


Why bother? They can just make up an attack that never happened and pound on that.


It doesn’t need to be false-flag. ISIS knows that this would be the perfect time to strike, to help Donald’s hold on power and keep him making the policies they value so much.

Fortunately, there aren’t actually that many disaffected borderline crazy Muslims in the US. There are a few, I’m sure.


Consider two facts:

  1. Anyone who ordered this or carried it out would be committing treason, and I know that word is typically misused.
  2. The Trump administration is astonishingly leaky. Everyone is ratting out everyone else on a daily basis.

Based on the above, I don’t think anyone has the guts for a false flag operation. It is almost literally a suicide mission.

Another thing to consider is that an attack would not necessarily help Trump. On 9/11, Bush could argue that the country was unprepared. But today, a successful attack would be a sign of incompetence. You would immediately hear questions like “Obama kept us safe, so why couldn’t Trump?” There would be criticism of his attitude towards intelligence agencies, the NSA, etc. The CIA would likely chime in with “We tried to warn him…”


More info.

President Donald Trump says that he’s considering signing a new executive order on immigration as the one he signed suspending the nation’s refugee program and barring citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries is held up in court.

Trump tells reporters aboard Air Force One on his way to Florida that he’s confident he’ll win his court battle.

But he says, “we also have a lot of other options, including just filing a brand new order.”

He adds: “We need speed for reasons of security. So it could very well be that we do that.”

Trump says a new order would likely change “very little” from the first and says he’ll likely act next Monday or Tuesday.

He adds of his decision: “I’d like to surprise you.”[/quote]


Executive Order #13773: All members of the judiciary are to be arrested and immediately deported to Canada.



And this is our Olympic medalist…


I don’t think they will, I think it will be 6-2 or 6-3 to check Trump.