The Muslim Ban: America Loses Its Mind.


I’ve also heard rumblings that Capcom Cup will be moved to Canada if there’s a chance of a competitor being unable to enter due to the ban.


Trump says he’s probably going to just rewrite it rather than go to the Supreme Court.

Maybe this time he’ll like… let the lawyers look at it and stuff.


Or not?

Who fucking knows anymore.


Canadian denied entry to the US.

Totally not a Muslim ban.


I wonder how many Morrocans got denied entry under Obama in a month?

It’s possible that the figures are not abnormal- though again, I’m not giving that orange goblin any benefit of the doubt.

Then again, my main opposition to the Muslim ban is that it is an outright ban, I’d rather see a different standard- which is “not in the interests of the United States” which would be more broad but not targeted at any religious group. (though I’m sure the goblin would declare any Muslim not in the interests of the United States). I’d also add that the standard barring extraordinary circumstances would be done during the visa check process, and once in the US they would have the ability to challenge such orders.

I would not want anyone in the US who believes in Saudi-style Sharia Law as an example, or who has sympathy for groups like IS. I also don’t want folks who would be a drain on the welfare state- ultimately I think social democracy and fully open borders are incompatible- but I do not want those borders to be determined by crass nativism and bigotry.

I actually think Trump’s raise of the H1B earnings floor is a good thing, though I believe it should be determined by CoL of the firm’s most expensive location, not a flat sum nationwide.

What I guess I’m saying is that the goblin could have made this a big win for himself, if he had done it right instead of with the incompetent mentality of a babboon.


I mean he could have done a lot of things… if he wasn’t who he was.

It doesn’t matter how he amends it or rewrites it or anything at this point, because we all know what he really wants and the reason he’s doing it.


These incidents show two important very striking things:

  1. We have a lot of fucking racist people working at the border

  2. Those fucking racists don’t give a shit about the law or what specific executive orders say - or that they’ve been ruled unconstitutional or illegal. Trump has emboldened them to profile the shit out of people on their own accord, through means they’ve never been told to do but have always wanted to, since now there’s zero accountability for their behavior as the top condones it.

It’s not even that they’re “just following orders”. They’ve been eager to do this forever, and now they can with no consequences.


We should be profiling people who come into this country, but not based solely on race or religion or where they come from. It’s my understanding this is what Israel does, and they’re pretty good at it. We can’t take people who have been experts at finding milk, yogurt and baby bottles and expect them to be able to profile someone and question them beyond just stereotypical racial profiling just because an executive order was signed. The TSA has failed nearly, and not just a little failure either, every test thrown at them.

The current system doesn’t work, but president Orange and his misinformation machine had no intention of trying to fix it. They just sell bullshit because the people who put them in power want to hear bullshit, and when they do, they provide more money and votes for more bullshit.


Good thing we’re not going to keep an eye on them anymore.


“Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), senior Member of the House Judiciary Committee, introduced a Resolution of Inquiry directing the Department of Justice to provide the House of Representatives with any and all information relevant to an inquiry into President Trump and his associates’ conflicts of interest, ethical violations—including the Emoluments Clause—and Russia ties. If the House Judiciary Committee does not schedule the resolution for a Markup within 14 legislative days, it becomes a privileged resolution and can be brought to the floor in front of the full House for a vote.”’s-conflicts


Pretty sure that won’t go anywhere.


The Justice Department should open an investigation! Oh, wait :(


Probably not. But this might…




Funny thing is… it wouldn’t matter. Imagine a Republican isn’t on the ballot in IL…
They were going to lose it anyway, so it doesn’t mean much.

It’s like a Democrat not being on the ticket in Alabama.


It may not matter electorally, but it would be a huge issue politically. “Trump would prefer to withdraw from Illinois than let you see his tax returns. What does he have to hide?” That’s not what he wants to see repeated throughout the campaign. There is no good answer.

Also, it would kill GOP voter turnout in IL congressional races.

Of note, CA, HI, and MA are considering similar laws. Without these states, Trump would be guaranteed to lose the popular vote even if he won the EV, and he would have nobody but himself to blame.


Man, an election wherein Trump, hounded by questions of his unreleased tax returns and shady business connections, winds up badly losing the popular vote?

There’s no way that pieces of worthless scum sucking shit–pardon, I mean Republicans–take the White House in such a scenario!

Oh wait…


The funny thing is that a different politician might calculate that he doesn’t care about the popular vote as long as he is elected, and forget about it.

But denying the popular vote to Trump a second time is another matter. Instead of downplaying it, he would likely keep bringing it up throughout the campaign, and with it the issue of his tax returns. It could make the Clinton emails look like a minor story.


This sounds like a great way to get voting rights for Democrats stripped by King Donald in a fit of pique, not take back the smoking remnants of America in 2020.

I mean, any discussion of actually voting for President again is all academic at this point!


He’d declare it all voter fraud and suspend the election until they sorted it out.[quote=“ArmandoPenblade, post:564, topic:128236”]
This sounds like a great way to get voting rights for Democrats stripped by King Donald in a fit of pique, not take back the smoking remnants of America in 2020.

Also this. But they’re already doing that, so at this point I’m not sure it matters.