The Muslim Ban: America Loses Its Mind.


Yeah but who’s going to get the contract to manufacture all those sweet new brown shirts for them to wear?


Trump Steaks has already taken over production of MREs, so maybe his factory in China that makes ties can do it?


i wish i could tell if you were joking


Honestly, not even the tie/brown shirt Chinese factory thing.


I can’t even imagine the reaction to all the footage we’d see of military guys with assault rifles performing house-to-house searches, asking for people’s papers. Even die-hard Republicans don’t want militarized police forces storming their neighborhoods.


Silly Menzo, this wouldn’t happen in “their” neighborhoods. It’d happen to those dirty, rotten, no-good brown people living in IdunnowherebutIbettheyreMuslimsville.


Exactly. Just like police brutality doesn’t happen in their neighborhoods, it happens where all those immigrants are driving around, listening to raps and shooting all the jobs.

Trump is basically Mallory Archer but less competent and with fewer family issues.


Sure, but only to a point. Otherwise we’d ban guns, cars that go over 75 mph, booze, tobacco, etc.

Freedom has risk associated with it. That’s kind of a underpinning of conservatism and America really. There is a reason the right has screamed bloody murder about the “Nanny State” and it’s evils for so long and so effectively. Now they’re like “yeah we should totally be a Nanny State and hide under our beds out of fear of something less dangerous than being struck by lightning.”

It’s a bullshit card to play. The old adage that “Freedom isn’t free” isn’t just about soldiers fighting overseas. It’s about the risks inherent in living in a free society: sometimes people will take advantage of that freedom to do bad things. Like shoot up a preschool or drive drunk, plow into your SUV and kill your whole family. The conservative position is that, while those things are indeed horrible, they’re the price we pay for our freedoms, because to prevent them is to bind us into slavery to the state and our own fears.


Good news is that it’s mostly debunked. Bad news is that it’s an old Russian tactic to discredit political enemies and people bit.


This was debunked?

Link to EO draft document.


White House staff denied it.
Of course when the AP asked for comment prior to publishing it, they didn’t.

See, they’re geniuses proving the media is peddling “fake news.”



I’ll try to dig up some stuff, but my understanding was basically this was some random internal write up that never got anywhere. Then it got leaked out as proof of horrible shit, but it was never seriously considered by anyone.


@Timex, I understand what you’re asking. I think it’s self-evident. You obviously don’t see what I see or you wouldn’t be asking the same question over and over again.

All, the tone of the discussion is turning sour. I’m not here for an argument or confrontation. I’m here to share ideas and discuss where possible. This must be an area where that’s not possible for now.


Now, it could be them backtracking, but honestly the whole idea of throwing this out there to find leakers or discredit the media makes more sense. There isn’t any real evidence this got anywhere, though considering you can’t trust anything said by anyone in the administration it’s still foggy. I tend towards believing the intel guys familiar with Russians, but I’ll admit that could be a personal bias (even though they’re basically batting 1.00 right now).


Plot twist: the leaker is Mike Pence.


Like Pence knows anything that’s happening. I’m pretty sure they keep him in a closet someplace.


He certainly hates the gays enough to live in a closet.


If you look at the text of the EOs, they have called for reviews and proposals for dealing with various things. It’s entirely plausible that a memo like this was put together as something to explore. It’s also plausible it was floated to see what the reaction to it was.


The AP article says “dated Jan. 25, the draft memo” which hasn’t been debunked at all. The only thing the WH is disputing is the extent that it was considered.


There are likely drafts of things that never go anywhere in every admin. Most of them written by secretaries and random staffers. The media hears about it and is mostly presenting it as some sort of “plan” when it never even went anywhere. I’m talking more about other news outlets and politicians than the AP itself.