The Muslim Ban: America Loses Its Mind.


… Yeah, I’m gonna need to see some receipts.

(Edit: And receipts for people piling on showboat scofflaw [no longer] Judge Roy Moore won’t qualify. He flat-out ignored the Constitution on the 10 Commandments thing and the Supreme Court on same sex,marriage, and was rightfully suspended by Alabama’s Court of the Judiciary for ignoring the law and failing to do his job - two different times.)


Speak of the devil.


Sorry Alabama Judge Roy Moore does quality. The point isn’t the wisdom of either Judge Moore or Judge Watson. (Odds are great that Judge Watson ruling is also going to be overturned, although unlike Moore he isn’t going to get suspended over it.) My point is that in the same ways that conservative are condescending about people that live in liberal strongholds, like Hawaii or Berkeley, liberals are condescending about people that live in conservative places like Alabama. Some of the criticism of the Judge Moore was in the vain of “what do you expect he is from the racist rednecked state Alabama.”,which is exactly what Jeff Session implied about Hawaii.


I didn’t see Sessions’ statement as condescending, as much as messed up in that he seemed to not really consider Hawaii a real state.

It’s one thing to say Alabama is a bunch of hicks… it’s a different thing to say that they aren’t Americans.


The downplay of Hawaii as a state is actually pretty common. Even when I lived there, I always heard people forget to include it in the USA, or ask weird questions like “Do they celebrate the 4th of July there?” or “Do they speak english in Hawaii?” I think it’s more ignorance than any maliciousness, but yuck. And to be fair, there are native Hawaiians that seriously advocate leaving the US, so it kind of goes both ways.

That said, Sessions was obviously purposefully dismissing Hawaii as a valid source of judicial rule. His feigned amazement that “a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific” could block Trump’s EO was meant to rally their supporters with the blasphemous idea that this insignificant judge on some backwater territory could ever stop Trump.

The Justice Department’s clarification is a joke too.

“Hawaii is, in fact, an island in the Pacific – a beautiful one where the Attorney General’s granddaughter was born. The point, however, is that there is a problem when a flawed opinion by a single judge can block the President’s lawful exercise of authority to keep the entire country safe.”[/quote]

Fuck this idiot.


Never mind that the attorney general is undermining the authority of a federal judge, because that’s not remotely a problem.


Exactly. Obviously, Trump is himself profoundly ignorant of how the government works. So nothing he says will ever surprise me. However, of all the departments in the executive branch, the Justice Department should be the one that is most respectful of the judiciary’s role in our government.

It was a feature, not a bug one when a single federal judge blocked EPA enforcement of rules due question about their constitutionality. It is likewise a feature when the same thing happens to Trump’s executive order.

Appeal the case sure, but for fuck, sakes stop whining about the judiciary, fulfilling their constitutional roles.


Still not seeing any receipts about Obama Administration people.


You missed that the goalposts are over (gestures) there now.

Remember, random left-wing bloggers/commentators and protesters are just as powerful and influential as members of the administration, elected government officials and the cast of Fox News. IOKIYAR.


Obama’s comments, which he directed in part at Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, came in response to a question from YouTube creator and open lesbian Ingrid Nilsen, who asked “if progress in the LGBT community is not here to stay in certain states?”

“Oh, no, it’s here to stay,” said the president. “Understand that the Supreme Court has ruled that under the Constitution everybody in all 50 states has the right to marry the person they love. That’s now the law of the land. The fact that an Alabama judge is resisting is just a temporary gesture by this judge that will be rapidly overturned. It violates what’s called the supremacy clause – when the Constitution speaks, everybody has to abide by it, and state laws, and state judges, can’t overturn it. So you shouldn’t be worried about that.”

Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which filed the complaint against Moore, called the notion “ridiculous.”

“He richly deserves the punishment he got because he was unable, or unwilling, to separate his personal religious beliefs from his judicial responsibilities. We’ll all be better off without the Ayatollah of Alabama,” Cohen said.


This doesn’t read as Obama mocking the judge’s ruling as being from ignorant racist parts of the country. He simply states that the ruling will be rapidly overturned. If Trump officials restricted themselves to this sort of language I wouldn’t have a problem with it.


Right, he’s speaking​ as a legal scholar, not as an asshole.


Also, is important to note that in the case of the Alabama judge, it wasn’t an argument between the executive branch and the judicial system.

In that case, the judge was obviously in the wrong, as he was actively fighting against other HIGHER components of the judicial system.

That’s why he was thrown off the bench.


Nothing in that quote was directed personally at the Alabama judge. Obama quoted law the way a lawyer would. That doesn’t mean Obama was saying his opinion was the final word, but that his understanding of the law was that it was an open and shut decision. In no way did he denigrate the judge or Alabama.

Sessions meant to insult Hawaii. Obama didn’t insult Alabama. Sessions didn’t even try to make a legal argument. Obama explained his understanding of the binding legality of the Supreme Court decision. There’s really no comparison between the two other than two officials discussing a court ruling.


You can also replace the state of Alabama with any other state and the same would be true. The fact it’s a judge from Alabama is just a fact, not some sort of slur.


A San Francisco judge barred enforcement of President Donald Trump’s executive order withholding funds from so-called sanctuary cities that fail to comply with federal immigration demands by shielding undocumented immigrants.

San Francisco and its Silicon Valley neighbor, Santa Clara County, on Tuesday both won preliminary injunctions blocking the Jan. 25 edict by Trump who declared sanctuary jurisdictions cause “immeasurable harm to the American people and to the very fabric of our republic." The city and county argued the president’s order violated the Constitution and threatened to deprive them of funding for local programs.

The federal government may ask the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco to overturn the ruling.


Edit 2: the court order


A&U Magazine: Trump Policies Snag First HIV-Positive Gay Asylum Seeker

Denis has now been detained for more than a month—he spent his thirtieth birthday in the ICE detention center.

Denis’s is no ordinary detention case. Denis is an HIV-positive gay man, a member of rights group RUSA LGBT, who has followed every rule and regulation regarding applications for political asylum. According to RUSA LGBT, “Denis has complied with all USCIS guidelines and filed for an affirmative asylum within a one-year deadline. He was awaiting his asylum interview, had a valid employment authorization and A-number, and had no criminal record.”

His is the first detention of an HIV-positive gay asylum-seeker under the new, draconian Trump Administration policies on immigration. His detention is especially heinous because it threatens his health as an HIV-positive man.


This is somewhat unexpected.

Ms. Trump’s comments, which seemed to question the basis for President Trump’s two executive orders that tried to bar migrants from Syria and other predominantly Muslim nations, set off a minor scramble in the West Wing. Advisers grappled with a political problem unique to Mr. Trump’s family-business White House: how to manage an officially empowered daughter who is prone to challenging elements of the president’s conservative agenda.

“I think there is a global humanitarian crisis that’s happening, and we have to come together and we have to solve it,” Ms. Trump told NBC when asked about the refugee crisis in Syria, which has created a nativist backlash in European countries.

Asked whether that would include admitting Syrian refugees to the United States, she replied: “That has to be part of the discussion. But that’s not going to be enough in and of itself.”


It’s like Ivanka and her dad are playing good cop/bad cop. Except, of course, that would be far too subtle for Trump.


It’s more ok cop/racist senile uncle.