The Muslim Ban: America Loses Its Mind.


Late night boogie time!


On Fox News this morning they were talking about it being reviewed by a “reasonable” court now that SCOTUS is a likely 5-4 split.


I think the Supreme Court would love to avoid this issue until thereare conflicting opinions from the.Circuits. If all the courts that have ruled are anti-ban and the Supreme Court goes 5-4 pro-ban it looks super-political . Roberts b wants to appear as non-partisan as possible.


They don’t have to even take the case if they think the lower courts called it right. I expect they likely wont, though it is possible they might just to clarify the doctrines.



I can’t wait for one of his Tweets to let slip that he specifically wants to keep Muslims out of the country.



His poor, poor lawyers:


Donnie, YOU SIGNED THAT ONE! Dipshit


Nevermind if we lose that watered down ban in the SC, we will do what we want anyhow.


If the travel ban had actually been put in place, it would have expired a week or so ago anyway.

So presumably it wasn’t really that important.


Has there even been a single terror attack yet in Europe that was perpetrated by immigrants who only recently arrived? It seems like the big ones we’ve seen so far have been carried out by ISIS converts who were born in their respective European countries or who came over many years ago as little kids. Thus a travel ban would be useless to protect us.

I suppose it’s only the first step though, with step two being the arrest of all immigrants from the listed countries over the past two decades, seizure of their property and immediate deportation of them and their families (including U.S. born citizen children) on suspicion that they may be ISIS internet converts. Because Trump & 'Murica!

How about instead of a travel ban we put to good use the assets at our disposal and have the collective hacking talent pool of the U.S. and Europe wage an all out cyber-war on ISIS, shutting down every avenue of social media communication they posses and denying them communications at every turn. It’s tough to convert people and plan major attacks when you can’t even access the internet. Aren’t we supposed to be the best at cyber? :-/


It’s never been about safety. Not that it would matter if it was.


Get ready for “internment” to be the new buzzword. People are already saying it, but another UK attack would definitely bring it to the fore. Someone is going to make a go at rounding up all Muslims.


Bingo. I shudder to think where we might be now if the courts hadn’t held things up.


Gorka is still out there, appearing on news shows to try to spin the travel ban in his own obnoxious and arrogant fashion.


Holy shit that guy is a slithering piece of human shit.


Whoever gets the White House next is going to have to have that placed sanitized before stepping foot in it.


Believe the November 2015 Paris attacks were in part perpetrated by Daesh members posing as migrants to cross borders.

Theresa “Police Surveilance State” May was already hungry for the scalps of ISPs and Internet Companies and the last few days have only given her more ammunition. :(

Every time there’s an attack one of the first questions is “So, which ‘freedom’ do we have to give up this time…”


Only 2 of them were migrants. The rest, including the leaders, the ones who provided the logistics etc. were French/Belgian citizens.


True but even bullshit sounds better with an English accent.