The Muslim Ban: America Loses Its Mind.


Oh my God you guys read the article


Since when do we need to read something to have a detailed argument/discussion about it? Have you forgotten? This is the Internet!


Satire kind of stopped working very well for the Right when it became their actual position.


I tried, ye gods I tried. But I my brain was not able to parse the layers of satirical wit, and the way he mixed “immigrant” and “nonimmigrant” made me continuously confused about what he was saying. Maybe I should have just skipped to the last paragraph.


I know, I know. But the turn is pretty quick, it really is.


Remember, it’s the liberals who are full of hate and violence.


I hate to be that guy but the article does not mention any motive yet and AFAIK makes no definitive assertion regarding the political leanings of the suspect. Let’s not do what the right does and instead wait for more facts. Of course many assume her clothing and believes may be the reason she got killed. But as long as there is no proof it is idle speculation at this point.


Edit: My response came off snarky so I deleted it, it’s entirely possible it was mostly random. Not that it matters because the alt-right has already declared this dude is an illegal, hates Trump, loves Obama and all things liberal and isn’t white, so it’s okay. Also the terrorist attack in London is a “revenge” attack. You know cause it’s fine when someone does it to Muslims, they have it coming. Unlike us white guys who have never done anything bad to anyone Muslim ever.


I did not say or intend any of what you are insinuating. I am just saying that liberal minded left leaning people should do better than their right wing counterparts. I at least try to do better than they do. Facts first. Is the incident horrible? Yes it is. Same for every other murder regardless of motive. But I find it dangerous to ascribe motive to any action because it may fit our narrative, regardless of political leanings.


A more than fair point that I’ll concede.


Now the police are calling it a ‘road rage’ incident, and ICE is getting involved and saying the guy may be here illegally so we’ll see the ‘other’ side start to try and score political points for their cause on this one. It’s really a bummer that tragic deaths so easily become a tug-o-war between ideologies in this day and age.


DC Fire said they responded to the scene at about 8:30 a.m. and found the remains from the memorial for 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen on fire at the Dupont Memorial Fountain on Connecticut Avenue NW.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the flames. DC Police said 24-year-old Jonathan Soloman of South Carolina was arrested in connection with the fire.


I don’t know where else this would even go.

Pretty sure most Muslims aren’t cool with blowing up literally the Holiest Thing Ever.


Man I can’t even imagine what would have happened in the aftermath of that.


I wonder if ISIS is going to claim responsibility. Actually, this seems like the thing you’d blame another group for it.


It’s totally possible that the house of saud set it up to blame some group like the Muslim brotherhood that they want to get rid of.


It is huge tourist dollars for them so there is no way they’d blow it up. But claiming some dude that wanted to kill was going to blow up the great Mosque, for sure they’d do that.


Well yeah, they’re not going to blow it up. Heroic security forces will stop the villains. Same basic result.


ya, exactly.


It wouldn’t have been the first time the sanctity of the Grand Mosque was violated.