The Narrator Revealed

Apparently, he’s a Thunderbirds pilot:

And friends with Stephen Colbert (in the back seat of the above picture)

This is a horrible tease.

It’s not a tease, it says “Narrator” right there on the cockpit.

So old, and still so sexy! (The F-16, that is)

Don’t alot of people suspect Gallant already?

Pretty clumsy attempt to throw the dogs off the scent there Matthew.

suspect? I didn’t realize we didn’t all know it was Gallant.

Is it time to vote to stake?

Why would we stake The Narrator?

Because it’s a vampire?

Este hilo ha sido vacunado contra cualquier intervención de personal hispanohablante no autorizado.

Senor Beavis: Como es Juan?

Juan esta con tu madre, Paco. Ve y pregúntale a que le supo el salchichón.

I would have also accepted “taco,” “burrito,” or “spaghetti.”

Google translate loses something in the, ahem, translation: “Juan is with your mother, Paco. Go and ask that you knew the sausage.”