The NBA, a microcosm that exemplifies the stupidity of zero-tolerance culture

That’s not a very good analogy. Unless you’re really not paying attention, you know well in advance where a stop light is and what color it is.

In this situation, you’re asking people who are emotionally invested in a game to NOT REACT to a sudden and violent incident. And it’s not like they entered the fray, they just stood up and took a few steps in the wrong direction.

It was BS. And because “zero tolerance” usually means zero thinking, it’s BS, too.

Man, someone should’ve told them that was against the rules. Oh wait, they knew the rules?

Not even worth dignifying with a proper response.

It is not a zero tolerance rule.
Contrast Jackson’s defense about having his hands tied with an older statement one of his.

“No one here at the league office wants to suspend players any game,” Jackson said Tuesday, “much less a pivotal game in the second round of a playoff series. But the rule, however, is the rule, and we intend to apply it consistently.”

(From the seattle PI)

"In a 2002 exhibition between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings, players Rick Fox and Doug Christie got into a first-quarter scrap, and both were ejected. Fox waited for Christie in the tunnel leading to the locker rooms and attacked him. Several of Christie’s Sacramento teammates and Lakers center Shaquille O’Neal left their team benches and ran into the tunnel to join the fracas. Fox was suspended six games and Christie two, but the others were not punished by Stu Jackson, NBA executive vice president of operations and league disciplinarian.

Jackson said: “Our policy regarding an automatic suspension for players leaving the bench was not intended to apply in a highly unusual situation like this one, where an altercation occurs in an access tunnel or hallway. In this circumstance, our judgment was that the players who left the bench were attempting to break up the fight and did not escalate the altercation.”

Stoudemire and Diaw did not escalate the altercation Monday night, and they might have been intent on preventing a fight."

Regardless, I beleive the NBA is turning into professional wrestling and is more or less fixed.

Well, good of you to dignify it with an improper one then.

Is it physically impossible to follow the rule and stay on the bench during altercations? Is there an outbreak of this throughout the NBA? Is there legitimate question as to situations when this rule does or doesn’t apply? If not, then it’s pretty clear, there’s a rule, these guys broke it.

Not all rules are good. This one is clearly bad.

This precedent they set with that game and melee makes these current suspensions a fucking farce. WTG NBA.

So fix it. I don’t care one way or another about the future of this rule. But right now, if you don’t want to risk getting ejected from a game, follow the stupid rule. Don’t tell me after the fact that you shouldn’t be punished becaues the rule’s not fair.

It sucks when you’re the only guy pulled over for speeding doing about the same amount over the limit as the rest of traffic, but there’s a really easy way to make sure you don’t get a speeding ticket: don’t speed. Basically I’m saying yes, the enforcement of the rule sucks, but it’s a combination of maybe this rule sucks (I’ll take your word for it), and because it’s not being enforced across the board. The problem is that it’s not zero tolerance.

Being a huge Spurs fan I’m glad they did win game 5.

But in regards to enforcing this rule it does suck, it did possibly change the outcome of game 5 but I have to agree with the final rule. Diaw and Stoudemire were both several feet away and on the floor. To take it a step further, Nash got away with charging Robert after the point and had nothing called against him. If you are going to question the NBA about bench clearing, why are you not questioning Nash attacking Robert?

In the end it sucks for the Suns, I think Robert screwed things up and regardless if the Spurs win or lose the whole thing will be in question.

I want to thank the league for paving the way for the Jazz to go to the finals. Plenty of time for them to rest now.

Pistons v. Spurs. Right. Nice work, David Stern. Asshat.

Won’t TiVo another game. Won’t watch another game. This is not a boycott. I simply couldn’t care less.

Way to make your sport irrelevant, Mr. Stern. Fuckhead.

“It wouldn’t kill you to play some competitive sports, once in awhile.”