The NBA Elite Fail! Thread

My curse and pox on the NBA and all its related properties seems to be finally bearing poisonous fruit.

EA’s NBA Elite (a re-brand of Live) has been postponed and maybe (?) canceled for this year.


In a note to investors today, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter said to expect Electronic Arts’ holiday quarter revenues to drop to $1.46 billion from $1.52 billion, reflecting roughly a million unsold copies of the $60 game.

Apparently it was doomed by a bad demo, that Sounds like it had a few bugs.

Interesting behind the scenes-ish read here.

That’s friggin’ hilarious!

Yeah, the community reaction to NBA Elite has been absolutely horrible. I’m surprised they decided to delay/cancel this close to release.

Yeah, I don’t play Basketball games anymore (because fuck you NBA) but putting passes on the trigger? Weird, even without the glitches.

It looks like a few copies slipped out into the wild. One example:

I love how much people will pay for something that might be rare, even if it is complete crap.

Rock on crazy people.

We got a review (debug) copy of Elite. I wasn’t even aware EA had printed retail copies.

…Aaaaand? (i.e. what’s the word?)

Or are you nda’d on a product that may never see the light of day?

Oh, sorry. I didn’t play it. We gave our copy to a freelancer who had a debug.

I won’t quote from the review we did not print. Suffice it to say our reviewer called out the game’s reworked control scheme and noted its general lack of polish, among other things.

Apologies if this is sort of vague. I only brought the subject up because I was curious about the Ebay auction and what appears to be a silk-screened retail copy for Elite.

I found NBA 2K10 to be extremely disappointing, so the possible cancellation is a bummer; to me, 2K seemed not to just stagnate but actually regress.

I was really curious to see what they could do with the talent from the NHL franchise on board.

Is passing with just the trigger, or does the trigger enable the right stick to be used in a pass mode?

Great article. I hadn’t known that the NBA 2K series was outdoing EA in both sales and critical reception.

EA postponing Elite 11 means one of two things: Either they really care about putting out quality or Elite 11 was such a magnificent disaster that releasing it would have damaged the brand for an entire generation of gamers.

I think 2k11 is going to be amazing. The demo plays great. There’s momentum, now, which means no more ice skating. Plus the control scheme lets you pull off highlight plays without it feeling like a Tekken combo.

Seems like the latter. I suspect that if Elite had gone to market, 2K would have shit-kicked them, to the point that they wouldn’t be considered competitors until the next console generation.

Oh I love this!

Especially since NBA 2K09, 10 and now 11 is available on the PC as well.
A platform EA stopped porting NHL and NBA to a while ago…

I have two words for you (EA NHL players will instantly know what I am talking about) to describe what happened to NBA Elite:

Doug Littman

I do not know, I haven’t played even the demo but one of the bumpers used to call up Icon Passing (2k09 was the last basketball game I played). I don’t think this is the same thing.

The 2K games have been kicking the shit out of the EA offerings this generation. I does sound like EA was closing the gap last year, and then Elite happened.

Care to explain? Did Littman screw-up EA’s NHL? (which was almost a perfect game in 09)

Anyone picking up NBA 2k11? I’m really liking what I’m reading about it. I’m thinking about getting the PC version, because 2k’s ports the last couple years have been pretty damn good. Also, cheaper.

So, coincidence or greatest banner ad ever?

Thats kinda awesome, I wish I didn’t hate the NBA.

NBA 2K11 Review

Buy It

If you’re at all a sports fan. If you haven’t picked up this series in a year or two, now is the time to return. Jordan’s presence makes the game almost heirloom-quality. Michael Jordan was the last true appointment-television superstar in sports. Now he’s the first appointment superstar in sports video games.
Don’t Buy It

If you don’t have and have never had any interest in basketball. With Jordan, 2K Sports has made a broadly appealing game but its basis is still simulation-quality basketball, which will be most fun for those who can recognize the star performers and legends, and who know how a team plays together.
Goddamn it.

Yea, by all accounts NBA 2K11 is pretty incredible. From what I have read, the lead designer of NBA 2K up to 9, Mike Wang, left for EA and worked on NBA Live 10 (which was considered neck-and-neck with 2K10, at the least). Unfortunately for EA, he left afterwards due to “creative differences” and went back to 2K. Maybe EA should’ve just let him do the job he was hired for…