The NCAA Men’s Basketball Thread (And the Feds)


Arizona has fired “Book” Richardson, their assistant coach who was arrested. Just the capper on what must be a wonderful day in Federal detention.



Petino will be gone by morning.



Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I’m guessing the athletes themselves have violated no laws? Maybe NCAA rules, but I wouldn’t think accepting money from a private party in a case like this would be a crime for the recipient?

I"d love to see a demographic analysis of the athletes who received or whose families received these payouts. My feeling is that whether through coincidence or deliberate intent, the bulk of the athletes involved come from families who could ill-afford to reject a hefty payout, and for whom a bidding war for Junior’s skills was maybe the only shot they had in getting out of wherever they were, figuratively and literally.

In other words, this whole things smacks of exploitation as well.


I’m sure all the bribe money was properly reported to the IRS. It was the taxman that brought down Capone.


Well, yeah, that’s a different issue. The taxman has no sense of humor in these things, either.


No federal laws, but I think in theory taking the money makes them ineligible to participate in NCAA games, which means any games they participated in needs to be vacated and they can no longer participate in college sports.


Louisville has fired their athletic director. Expect Pitino next.


News conference with Louisville’s University President today at 1pm to address things. Guessing that’s when the Pitino announcement happens. Pitino has already notified the other team coaches that he’ll be fired; they all may likely be too.


Pitino showed up to the main administration building and left shortly after


And WaPo reporting its official: Pitino fired.


John Wooden is revered as a God in college basketball circles but it is pretty much acknowledged that boosters at UCLA were paying off players while Wooden was coach. A guy named Gilbert did much of it.

The NCAA’s reverance for guys like Wooden and the now deceased North Carolina coach are examples of the hypocrisy of the NCAA.


There’s probably an element of fraud in it as well, depending upon the paperwork they signed for their scholarship agreements, which I expect requires disclosure of these things.

Also, some states have laws regarding fraudulently breaking NCAA rules.


Ah, yeah, the federal financial aid forms (FAFSA) would be an interesting area to look at…


FBI has subpoenaed records for the Nike EYBL circuit.



The files the feds released did mention “other apparel companies” and “rival apparel representatives” in connection with some of the testimony, so it’s not surprising that Nike is on the spot now. Basically, all of these shoe/sports lifestyle companies should be worried because AFAIK, they all do the same stuff.


I’m mostly fretting because Basketball Jesus and his kid brother, Taller Than Basketball Jesus happen to have been very prominent EYBL players over the last 2-3 years.


I would love, love, love it if this were somehow able to clean up the college recruiting racket. Even if UCLA gets dinged. It’s so damn sleazy for the sport(s) I love.


lousivile thought the penalties for the “brothel”scandal were harsh? Their program is going to be set back many years by new ones after the NCAA is done with them.