The NCAA Men’s Basketball Thread (And the Feds)


Either way, it’s probably curtains for the careers of everyone involved who works in a school athletic program.,Even a successful defense based on the Fed’s jurisdiction, or lack thereof, would probably involve at least a bit of “yes, we did that, you have us dead to rights, but it’s not a crime you can charge us with,” which would still be more than enough for the NCAA to drop the hammer on them and their school.




Last week, Only a Game dedicated their entire hour to the NCAA. I enjoyed it, though I already knew a lot of the history of amateurism stuff. I’m sure it’ll be no surprise to anyone that the general consensus of the commentators is that the whole system needs a revamp.


#14 Minnesota beat Alabama 89-84. But…

Alabama’s entire bench was ejected after a fight. Then one Alabama player picked up his 5th foul. Then another got injured.

Despite being absurdly short-handed, the Crimson Tide outscored the Gophers 30-22 with a two-man disadvantage to cut the lead to just three points with just over a minute to go. But Alabama couldn’t complete the historic comeback and came up just short, suffering an 89-84 loss.


That’s really impressive on Alabama’s part (both the entire bench getting ejected and playing a competitive basketball game 3-on-5). I struggle to even visualize how they managed to keep it that close. Wouldn’t Minnesota have open shots every possession? Wouldn’t half of Alabama’s team be in double-coverage? I need to find some highlights.


Nope, nope nope. Fool me once, Hoop Gods…

(OK, I think it moved.)


So the FBI/NCAA stuff is REALLY getting…big.

Yahoo Sports has been breaking daily stories with what the FBI knows and is finding out. Veteran hoops writer Pete Thamel thinks every major top 20 program from the last 3 years is going to get hit to a certain extent or another.

Right now, it’s hard to imagine Sean Miller at Arizona is gonna keep his job. Hell, he may get a show-cause that keeps him from taking a job again for a long while.


Prized incoming recruit at Arizona (and Shaq’s kid):


Had he made the shot, it would have been Bohannon’s 35th consecutive successful free throw, surpassing the school record of Iowa’s Chris Street, who died in a car accident in 1993 while the streak was ongoing.
Bohannon, who finished Sunday’s game with 25 points, said he’s gotten to know Street’s family over the last couple years. Street’s parents attended the game and embraced Bohannon on the court after its conclusion,


I just want to give a shout out to the Williams Ephs, winners of this weekend’s NESCAC Men’s Basketball Championship!


Does Virginia have a 14-point comeback in them with 5 minutes left? Or does a 16 finally break through?


Spoiler alert: no


Wow, it’s not like it was some crazy last second second shot. Virginia was beaten by 20. Everything a team could do wrong or badly they did. litteraly everything.


Does this mean they literally played like trash?


So yeah, if you’re an Arizona fan…

Your team – the sexy, wiseguy pick to make the final four this year – got beat by 20 by a 13 seed. You lose all 5 starters, and you have no signed commits for 2018 yet. Oh also, your head coach is likely under a cloud of investigation by the FBI. At least they have a lot of cap space to work with in the offseason.

So yeah, if you’re a Pitt fan…

Two years ago your AD all but helped Jamie Dixon pack and head out the door by lowering his buyout so he’d move to his alma mater (TCU). Hired Kevin Stallings away from Vandy. How’d that go? 0-18 this year in the ACC, Stallings fired, and eight (8!) of 11 players from this year’s team have asked and will be granted the right to transfer out. Pitt’s new, incoming coach will have to replace those guys from the smaller pool of unsigned players in the next 2-3 months just to get those guys in the gym over the summer.

It is as if, as Gary Parrish wrote on, that Pitt was hit with the death penalty. Only this is worse, because Pitt doesn’t miss a year of games and will instead have to field a team and play a full schedule next year.


It’s being called the biggest upset in basketball history this morning. I can’t think of anything that tops it.


Sadly for Virginia fans the 2nd “biggest upset” is often considered to be Chaminade over Virginia. Looks like they got this upset thing locked!


In a way I’m glad - I hate UVA’s style of play and if this convinces more schools to abandon it, great.


As Charles Barkley noted, Virginia’s problem is that style of defense is great until you run into a team that can nail 3s, and the NCAA tourney tends to be filled with those kind of teams (especially in this Steph Curry world that we’re living).

UMBC kept nailing the 3 and Virginia didn’t know how to react. Their biggest in-game deficit this entire season was 13 points until last night. They came thisclose to going undefeated in the ACC, which sent 9 teams to the Tourney. And then, suddenly, this tiny school that everyone in America had to google to figure out what the acronym meant was throttling them. And they just panicked.