The NCAA Men’s Basketball Thread (And the Feds)


Either way, it’s probably curtains for the careers of everyone involved who works in a school athletic program.,Even a successful defense based on the Fed’s jurisdiction, or lack thereof, would probably involve at least a bit of “yes, we did that, you have us dead to rights, but it’s not a crime you can charge us with,” which would still be more than enough for the NCAA to drop the hammer on them and their school.




Last week, Only a Game dedicated their entire hour to the NCAA. I enjoyed it, though I already knew a lot of the history of amateurism stuff. I’m sure it’ll be no surprise to anyone that the general consensus of the commentators is that the whole system needs a revamp.


#14 Minnesota beat Alabama 89-84. But…

Alabama’s entire bench was ejected after a fight. Then one Alabama player picked up his 5th foul. Then another got injured.

Despite being absurdly short-handed, the Crimson Tide outscored the Gophers 30-22 with a two-man disadvantage to cut the lead to just three points with just over a minute to go. But Alabama couldn’t complete the historic comeback and came up just short, suffering an 89-84 loss.


That’s really impressive on Alabama’s part (both the entire bench getting ejected and playing a competitive basketball game 3-on-5). I struggle to even visualize how they managed to keep it that close. Wouldn’t Minnesota have open shots every possession? Wouldn’t half of Alabama’s team be in double-coverage? I need to find some highlights.


Nope, nope nope. Fool me once, Hoop Gods…

(OK, I think it moved.)