The Netflix TV Show Thread

Sounds like a smart move to me. Dahl has a huge fan base.

Looking forward to the My Uncle Oswald series!

No no no. No need.

I have no interest in LoL, but as someone interesting in animation, I feel I will be obligated to watch this, because the art is incredible

This one could be decently funny? Maybe?

Have anyone watched this? It seems another ‘death game’, which part of my brain makes my eyes roll, but another part of my brain says ‘oh yeah, it looks fun!’

But I guess we have a thread for this already… which of course we do, because its Sandman by Neal Gaiman, and this is QT3.

We have a thread for Squid Game:

As far as Arcane goes, it looked to me like the same art direction they use for League of Legends (the video game) animations. Turns out that Yup, it’s a video game tie-in series:

I got this far, and said “Oh, that’s Jinx. Got it, not just the same style, but the same subject.”

Squid Game might be the best rendition of the “death game” concept I’ve seen. And I’ve read/watched/played a lot of them.

Great British Baking Show is airing an episode every week! I thought that was something Netflix doesn’t do. Is it actually aligned to the British airing? Or are they just treating this show differently? (Or is it a thing they’ve done with other shows and I didn’t realize it?)

I haven’t even been able to find it on Netflix. I got an email telling me the new episodes were coming, but haven’t seen one yet.

They did it last season with Baking Show as well. Only this show, nothing else. Airs alongside the UK, kind of. I believe the UK one airs 3 days prior to the Netflix drop.

We watched the first new episode. I feel like this show has jumped the shark–it really feels like it is ticking the boxes at this point:

Producer: okay, we have a vegan, we have a gay male, we have an emigre with a thick accent, we have a Scottish or Irish person, also with thick accent. Oh cool, tick off the Liverpool accent box, and we have a large black woman. Hmm, what else are we missingt? Oh, everybody, be sure to dress and act eccentric! The more the better!

I’m not saying the show (baking) itself is staged, but I am dubious these are the best twelve amateur bakers in England. I think they are the twelve most demographically-driven bakers in England.

Netflix rarely shares viewer numbers for their shows, but co-CEO Ted Sarandos shared these slides at the Code conference:

It’s been that way since pretty early seasons though. Are you only noticing it now?

It stopped bothering me a while ago. These amateur bakers are all good enough for this competition, that’s all that matters. And they’re all very nice to each other. Plus you forget about all that once you’re about 3 or 4 episodes in, since you’re starting to really know these people as bakers by then.

EDIT: The one time it bothered me the most was when an old lady was part of it, and she kept messing up, and they kept barely keeping her around for some reason. I just felt like the only reason she was on the show was because they needed to tick the “grandmother” box. But eventually I grew to really like her anyway and her baking got better later in the season too, so I’m glad they kept her.

Nice! I love to see The Witcher in the Top 4 in both Accounts that Viewed and Hours Watched. That is a great sign that the series is making Netflix money and will continue.

Also good to Enola Holmes in the Top 10 for both. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed that movie and would like to see more of them.

Ooh, interesting. Being able to cross-reference viewers and hours watched is very useful, given that Netflix’s metric for “account has watched” is basically bullshit.

Also, WTF is The Kissing Booth 2?

I wouldn’t say I just noticed it, just that it has gotten worse.

And that opening intro this year,YEESH!

The sequel to 2018’s The Kissing Booth.

More seriously it’s some sort of teen drama nonsense. My daughter liked it I believe.

I have seen, from these:

Bird Box, Extraction, technically 6 Underground (watched the first 20 minutes then couldn’t bare to watch anymore). And Stranger Things 2 and 3.

That’s it. (Only 6 Underground was a stinker out of those).

It’s tough to know whether I would enjoy something like Bridgerton or The Witcher.

No “Open House”? Those numbers are clearly a lie.

I lasted only 10 minutes. Kudos to you!