The Netflix TV Show Thread


So its like Daredevil and Jessica Jones re-skinned?

BTW I would take the concept that the move by CW is complete a negotiation tactic, with a grain o’ salt. CBS is already doing this and I expect pretty much all of the networks to follow suit. Internet will be the primary entertainment portal into peoples homes and streaming is already sounding the death knell for cable and such. Its only a matter of time before all those entities figure out how they are going to properly monetize their programming through the internet. Its as inevitable as the coming sunset.


What is it that we have that others don’t? Every time someone mentions something cool I look it up and we don’t have it. The movie selection is terrible, aside from documentaries, which have a very good selection.


This is amazing. I can’t wait. Makes me wonder, though, if they’ll leave all the over-the-top porn in.


I don’t see why not. Have you seen Marco Polo? haha

— Alan


I think you have TV shows, such as the AMC series’s Walking Dead, Better Call Saul. Probably some BBC stuff too: Last Kingdom.


Well, it seems its over for now. I can’t see Netflix Canada anymore, and I see Unblock US’s support pages is teeming with this kind of issues. Right now, Unblock US is recommending basically restarting and seeing if it helps, probably just to get peoples mind of the fact that their service no longer works.


Damn… That is terrible news.

I can still see Netflix US, but I guess they are slowly rolling it out to different countries at a time?


Still working fine for me with Tunnnelbear, but I saw a news story earlier today that some proxy people in Australia were being cut off. I guess we’ll see how aggressively they play the arms race.


Denmark Netflix just got “Legend” by Ridley Scott, with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry - I’ve wanted to see that for AGES. We also got Casablanca, and Legends of Tomorrow!


Netflix is tapping Neil Patrick Harris to play Count Olaf in their A Series of Unfortunate Events show.

Barry Sonnenfeld is being asked to direct the show.


Netflix snatched up the rights to make new Gilmore Girls.

Lauren Graham confirmed:^tfw


I could have sworn this got announced before, or maybe that was just a rumor?

— Alan


Oh yeah, discussed at much length in the Gilmore Girls thread here when it was first released to the press last year. Seemed like it was a fait accompli, today’s announcement just making it official.


So there’s a new show on Netflix from Norway called Occupied. It’s a near-future tale of the geopolitical and economic events that arise due to enhanced global warming from a very general Norwegian point of view. The US became self-sufficient in energy, Arabian oil has ceased production due to numerous civil wars, Europe is on the verge of an energy crisis and suddenly Norway decides to eliminate all oil and gas production (because of its contribution to global warming) for thorium-based nuclear reactors. As a result, Europe asks Russia to instigate a “velvet glove” invasion to restore fossil fuel energy production.

Much of the show is in Norwegian, though there are smatterings of English everywhere (in BBC broadcasts, some random conversations, etc.)

10 episodes long, apparently the most expensive TV production from Norway. The way the show is shot reminds me a lot of Wallender.

— Alan


Needless to say, Russia isnot amusedby the show.


There’s another newish show from Norway on Netflix that’s a dramatization of the “Heavy Water Wars” that took place in German-occupied Norway during WW2.

— Alan


Trailer for Daredevil S2 just hit. Looks awesome. Bernthal looks perfect for The Punisher. March 18th will be binge time.


Having just purchased a 4k TV, I am even happier with Netflix. Many of their original series are available in 4k, and it looks pretty damn fantastic.


“I think you’re one bad day away from being me” is an amazing line. (edit: apparently a line in The Killing Joke but whatever…)

And this is only the first “half” of the trailer.

— Alan


It might be because I just started watching [I]The Expanse[/I] last night, but I really missed Thomas Jane while watching the new trailer. Still pretty pumped, though!