The Netflix TV Show Thread

Those are very Train to Busan style zombies.

Did anyone see the sequel? Peninsula. I think I read some poor reviews so I skipped it, but what do people know about anything?

I, too, am always down for Korean zombies or monsters or female John Wicks (See My Name series below).

Yeah someone besides me watched that. It started interesting and the end was a bit hmm. It’s okay.

Agreed, but I was sold by that point and she was great. I’d still recommend it if you like Korean fair.

I only made it through the first hour, as I didn’t like the change in direction from a horror/zombie movie to a heist movie.

The third and final season of After Life comes out tomorrow. I can’t remember what the common feeling on Gervais is these days, but this show makes me laugh and breaks my heart each episode. There is no other show where I do laugh out loud and legit cry in each one.

Obviously, having a wife that die of cancer just 4.5 years ago makes it that much more meaningful, but Ricky, who can obviously be a dick about a lot things IRL, captures perfectly the mixture of being lost, grief, anger, sadness, depression that comes in waves or all mixed together. And not just glimpses of it, but how it’s a constant presence that grinds you down. Even if you can deal with the one part of the loss, there are half a dozen other things large and small on a daily basis that makes it impossible to move forward many days.

I am rewatching the first two, 6-episode seasons and they get me the same way in the same spaces. My youngest daughter, who has for a while made dead mom jokes*** as a way to deal and can tolerate a lot of emotional heft in a show or movie, could not do it after the first two episodes. Completely understand. Even for people who have not suffered such a loss and subsequent trauma it can be a lot.

It’s not so much that I wallow in the sadness while I watch and i certainly never say “Oh, I am not alone”. I have never thought I was the only one and I know I am not alone, but as I have said elsewhere, you can be in a room full of helpful loving friends and family who are there for you and still feel hopelessly by yourself. While this is fiction and the presence of real people should help more, this show helps me release the pain and anger I still feel daily so many years later.

Anyway, that’s a lot to just announce season three premieres tomorrow and by all accounts it does as good or better what the first two seasons did in equal measures while ending on a hopeful note. When I read that brief summary of one review without reading anything that actually goes on, I almost cried with a weird sense of relief, happiness and anticipation along with some amount of grief as it all bubbles back up at the weirdest, most unexpected times.

Cheers. My post is actually sadder than the show as I had no jokes.

This whole scene with this woman is funny and kinda miserable all at once. And that’s probably the show in a nutshell.

***Actual story from Christmas Eve

Ellen: What’s wrong dad?

Me: Express Oil change screwed up my engine and it died at midnight last night coming home from downtown, I had to get a tow home, I fell out of the truck trying to jump out of it, twisted my ankle and cracked my phone.

[without a beat]

Ellen: At least your wife’s not dead.

I’ve told that to a few folks and expectedly it is met with gasps, but we actually laughed and I was proud of the comedic timing and quick wit.

Sorry to hear about that Tyjenks. It’s double tough when the repair shop is the one that causes the problem. Those bastards.

Also thanks for the context and heads up. I also cried and laughed in each episode in Seasons 1 and 2. I’ll have to get Netflix soon so I can watch Season 3.

They did own up to it and replaced the engine and I have the car back 3 weeks later after fronting $1,600 for the tow and 3 weeks of a car rental. In theory, they are making the claim and my reimbursement a priority. The inconvenience is have the misery, though. My sister is a lawyer and her attitude is “Sue! Sue everybody.” SHe is already ready to draft letters and prepare social media posts. :)

Sending all the virtual internet hugs.

Thanks Brian, as an aside, for multiple reasons outside of the car and holidays, these last two months have been a bastard and among the worst I have had in recent memory, but the sincere love and concern from all of my online peeps always makes me happy and a bit emotional. Just like this damn show. :)

OK, enough about my dumb ass.


Yeah I’ve seen your trials and tribbilations on Facebook mate. Been a rough time for sure.

You and me both. Seeing Mia in the last scene was a surprise. I finished this last night and am still mulling over how they pulled off their ‘escape’ assuming that they can get away with it and wondering where they go next.

I assume Alexander works for the KGB but he said that he could not return to Moscow since “Russia” no longer exists. So me must be referring to Russia now being the USSR but it wasn’t clear to me who he was working for?

This is a rather rambling explanation that nevertheless makes sense. Of course there are spoilers here, though not in the title or thumbnail. Enter at your own risk!

I’m still fascinated by the show and want to give it a re-watch soon.

No word on if there will be a second season. I agree that this was well done and this seems like a good place to end the series.

Agree. I would like more, but I suspect more might be less, given how they’ve wound things up.

Raising Dion Season 2 premiers next Tuesday. This trailer is probably spoilery (I won’t watch it myself, even though I want to):

Late comment, but from what I see (watched a fair amount of dubbed children’s movies), it’s pretty much all the time. Mostly, I think, it’s because spoken and written language are different - something that works very well when you read it would sound terrible if you said it exactly that way.

Is anyone familiar with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? I started watching it and so far I think the writing is pretty bad. However, it has 6 seasons so there must be something good, right? I think I have watched like 5 episodes and am thinking of just dropping it, but I want to know if it gets better. I know some shows have rough first seasons and whatnot, is this one of them or is this just garbage through and through?

The first season of Legends of Tomorrow is just bad. About midway through the second season you start to get some particularly fun fan-service-y episodes that just lean into the bonkers elements of time travel, and they’re standout good, but more importantly, point out that the producers are learning what works and what doesn’t and give you some hope for optimism. It gets progressively less serious, not to mention downright weird, and all the better for it. But I would never call the show “great”, even if some individual episodes do get there.

As mr conVurt mentioned, it gets a lot better.
There is about 3 seasons or such, that are pretty fun.

Its nice, occasionally, to see a show that isn’t grimdark and takes itself overly serious.
That was what was the draw for me - it was fun, goofy, and very dramatic in the best of ways.