The Netflix TV Show Thread

All of it. Tennant is fantastic.

Yeah, he was perfect as the villain whose name escapes me. Funny, because I just saw him as Phileas Fogg in the recent TV adaptation of “Around the World in 80 Days” in which you’re rooting for him the whole time.

Tennant played the understatedly named Killgrave.

It’s weird we do not have a thread for this amazing show.

Anyways, Hot damn:

Saw that listed one evening while cruising through the channel guide and tagged it for record simply because “starring David Tennant”. It was far more entertaining than I expected it to be! It starts out kind of slow, and you really aren’t supposed to like Fogg, Passepartout, or even Miss Fix at the beginning, but the script and the acting allows for the characters to grow on you (and to grow in general) so that by the third episode you’re really starting to warm up to them and by the end you’re heavily invested even through the plot of “Around the World In 80 Days” is well known by just about everyone at this point. It’s a credit to the writers, actors and directors that they were able to retell a familiar story and still make it different enough to be interesting and fun.

Is this the PBS 80 Days series?


Thanks for posting that Tyjenks. I love Peaky Blinders and it has been a long wait for another season. I’ll be watching.

And I don’t know how much they shot before Helen McCrory (Aunt Polly (Pol) for those who may have forgotten) passed away. I’m still sad about that.

I just discovered The Cuphead Show starring, yes, that Cuphead. Watched the first episode (short, about 15 minutes sans credits) and it was great. Can’t wait to watch more.

Kids enjoyed The Cuphead Show a lot, even though they had only watched snippets of the game on Youtube.

Has anyone watched the new Vikings series? Worth giving a chance?

2 episodes. not terrible but not particularly good either

it has the same reallllllllllllly annoying traits that Vikings did. Seeing Hirsch name on the screen was a turn off. It shares the same disregard for history as the borgias and vikings show did (I believe he did both).

Everyone is a Viking for example - not a dane, norman etc. There seem to be a clearly telegraphed good guy and bad guy thing going for each faction.

also the characters are kind of boring.

I want a Viking show featuring the invasion of England, only where the Norse gods are real and are taking an active interest in the project.

Basically Assassin’s Creed Valhalla then?

Vikings, bah. Watch Norsemen!

I don’t know. I have not played that game.

That sounds like an American Gods prequel.

This novel is kinda close to that. Alt history of viking invasion.

I was thinking of that one exactly when I read that.

First book is pretty good. I found the last book in the trilogy disappointing, but as a trilogy it’s definitely worth a read, IMO.

Finally got caught up to season 5, so I can start watching season 6 contemporaneously on the BBC. It’s increasingly digging holes for itself (the Mosley plotline was/is weird given that they can’t really diverge too much from the historical events) and some of the character arcs are becoming a little ridiculous, but it remains beautifully shot and pretty compelling viewing as OTT crime dramas go.