The Netflix TV Show Thread

Latif Nasser (of Radiolab) made a popular science show for Netflix a couple years back called Connected. It’s pretty good for the genre, recommended for folks who like these kind of science/history/pop culture shows. Probably be good for curious tween and teens, too.

Ok this could be excellent!

Ah! I’ve always wondered when someone was going to make a (modern) movie or show about “Major William Martin” and that whole crazy scheme.

Oh, n/m the below.

That’s about Operation Market Garden, right? I think I saw a teaser at some point. Is it out already?

Watched the first ep of Human Resources last night (love, love, love Big Mouth).

Was okay. More Connie & Maury is always welcome. A little concerned they’re leaning a little too hard on “lookit how much we can swear! Netflix! Woo!” but willing to give it a few more eps to see if the characters can work.

It’s OK. Still good TV, but not nearly as good as Big Mouth.

Looks excellent indeed, but I think it’s a movie rather than a TV show.

Whos the idiot that posted it in the TV show thread??!!?!?!!


Season 6 was a bit of a letdown, I’m afraid, and the finale a copout.

That reminds me I need to finish watching the latest season.

With Derry Girls season 3 starting up again in the UK, its time to rewatch season 1-2!

Shocking that there is NO DVD/Blu Ray release of this amazing show!

Ooh, thanks for the heads up, I hadn’t heard that.

I’m not familiar with the show, but the Derry Girls were pretty funny on Celebrity Bake-off, so now I’m interested.

Derry Girls was great. I had no idea a 3rd season was coming, I’m excited!

Derry Girls 3? Awesome!

In other news, Mrs. Kub and I are enjoying Bridgerton s2 a lot. I wasn’t sure how it would play with the protagonist changes, but it has been fun.

Derry Girls is a show I would never would have watched had my girls not wanted. Now, any time they have had friends over who have not seen it, we start it again. It is hilarious all the way through on repeated viewings.

It really is a special show. So why on earth is there no disc version of it available?

Derry Girls is a show we never would have watched, but after the British Baking Show I figured I’d give it an episode. It quickly became a favorite with my wife and I.

It’s just a sitcom, but the writing and timing are excellent.

Two things.

  1. Damn you, Frank Langella. I thought you were a good dude.

  2. This is no minor reshoot. He’s the main character.

Aww, bummer x2.

Also I had no idea this was in the works and it sounds awesome. So yay?