The Netflix TV Show Thread


All those are great tips,

But I feel I should point Gilmore Girls and West Wing. Great older shows that you should make the time for.

Also, please check out [B]Star Wars Clone War[/B] - SO MUCH BETTER THAN THOSE HORRIBLE MOVIES

And of course, you got all your DC and Marvel shows.

I should get started on Supernatural.

For babies and kids - [B]Chugginton, Super Why, Thomas the Tank Engine, many of the Tinker Bell movies and Masha the Bear [/B](a russian show). My 2 year old loves them, some of the are worth watching.

Also,[B] King Julius and Puss and Boots[/B] should be mentioned as shows you probably can watch with kids and not feel too horrible about.

Does anyone know if [B]Coupling[/B] will come back to Netflix? I loved that show.


Oh yes, Clone Wars, amazing choice.


Anyone following Rebels?


Bigger issue I have is people making obviously stupid decisions over and over to keep the drama going, which is totally a thing with me.

That’s basically what I was referring to.


If you do do the Partridge catch-up, Brian, start with Knowing Me, Knowing You. It’s not as good as I’m Alan Partridge overall, but it sets up the character arc (and it does have some amazing scenes).

And when you’ve watched all the TV shows, be sure to listen to his autobiography, I, Partridge


I’m a couple of episodes behind but yes, it’s very good.


Awesome, thank you!


This thread needs more Brian Rubin recs, since based on history here over the years he’s my Scott Lufkin for TV shows.

(Television equivalent of HOMM VII need not apply :p )


Yup, they can’t stop you if you’re travelling.

Best place I’ve found to VPN into is Chile. Seems to be the largest amount of content there (well, horror movies specifically)…

Lots of great shows listed already. (Luther is so great!).

My list is not necessarily ‘must sees’, but definitely something you can watch on a side screen while…ahem…‘working’.

Off the top of my head
[li]Zoo - I just finished the first season. It starts off ‘not great’, but it picks up. There is some bad CGI / animal shots, but you get over those. I actually don’t know why, but it sucked me in. Granted, I like terrible tv ;)[/li][li]The Shield - Almost done this series with just a few episodes left. If you liked The Wire, you’ll like this.[/li][li]The Killing - The first two seasons are definitely worth watching. Though, if you have daughters, it can be a little tough going in the beginning.[/li][li]24 - I’m just starting this after never watching it before. I like it.[/li][/ul]

I do watch a lot of Netflix (at least 3-4 hours per day). With my line of work, I usually have a laptop / extra monitor running a show all the time. So, I’m not necessarily watching the best shows because I reserve those for when I can give it my full attention on the big TV (ie. House of Cards, etc).


I recommendUnblock US- its a paid service, but it works VERY well, and is specifically designed for people wanting to switch regions in Netflix. I use it on the PS4, and our Ipad and it works flawlessly.


Ohhhh, that unblock thing looks neat. How does it work, exactly?


You pay for the service, and go their website and login -. This is done by just using your email. Then you add the DNS they say you have to use instead of those you are using. Their website then says if you are good to go and you pick the country whose netflix you want to use from a dropdown box on their website.

They have excellent walkthroughs of every step needed, for every device you could use :-)

oh - you can get a weeks trial for absolutely free and see if you like it.


Thanks for the info. Definitely going to give this a week’s trial.


I will as well give it a try, sounds fascinating. Does it impact your overall Internet speed at all?


You’r very welcome- For someone in Denmark, its a godsend! The US has some excellent shows. Although, Canada and UK has some excellent series as well.

I see no effect on my internet speed at all, so I doubt it.


Sweet, gonna give the week thing a try, thanks so much! I already have a VPN but that’s only for the PC and not my entire homewide internet, so this looks perfect.


I use it one device basis though, instead of my router. You CAN use it on your router, if its supported, but I like having my TV netflix being Danish,and my PS4 netflix being American currently and our Ipad to whatever we want to use.


Ohhhhhhh, interesting. We use my PS3 for most of our Netflix and such, so I’ll try it on that. :)


I’m all like “Holy shit! Look what they get on English Netflix!!!”


Oh? Do tell!