The Netflix TV Show Thread


My sister was once addicted to Møøse Mëth.


Møøse Mëth can be very painful.


I saw Møøse Mëth on their European Tour, before their original bassist died of an overdose.


Oh yeah, was that the one where they took a picture of his rotting corpse in his kitchen for their next album cover?

Møøse Mëth are fucking hardcore. Even when they went rap-rock in the late 90s.


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You go, møøse!


Of all the posts, this one made me laugh the hardest. Bravo.


Netflix is buying up everyone in Hollywood, apparently.


I had to look up Ryan Murphy on IMDB because it turns out his string of huge successes have all been shows I had zero interest in. The rest of America seems to enjoy them though, so good for Netflix I suppose.


Same here. I haven’t seen any of his shows. OTOH, several people have told me that since I love music and have enjoyed musicals, that I would love the show Glee. I just never got around to watching it.


Yep… also had to look him up. For some reason I thought he was associated with Terriers (old favourite of mine), but alas I’ve not watched any of his shows. Wish him all the best though!


Hopefully once they’ve acquired the contracts of half of Hollywood, they’ll start applying a little quality control. It feels like, after a decent streak of pretty-good-to-very-good programs, they’ve been dumping a lot of junk into the ‘new release’ bin in the interest of quantity.


So how did the Joel Mchale show end up even existing and I never knew about it? I think they’ve only had one episode and it needs a little work. But it’s still The Soup/Talk Soup that I’ve loved for 20 years. Really hope it gets more than just the 13 ep run it’s currently on. It can’t be expensive to make at all. Chicks, Man.


Season 2 of Hap and Leonard is now up on Netflix (originally on Sundance.) Really enjoyed season 1 so I’m looking forward to it.


Watched about half of the first episode as I like McHale on Community, but it dawned on me that as I neither watch nor care about reality TV, even ironically, it was completely pointless to continue.


It touches on more than Reality TV, the best jokes of the first episode are about scripted shows.


Oh it does? I’ll have to give it another go. I hate reality TV, so I noped out after a few minutes.


I’m not going to sit through the reality show stuff just for a handful of jokes about Game of Thrones or whatever. Unless it’s seriously Netflix show oriented, the chances are I don’t watch the scripted stuff either.

In the last month, the scripted shows I’ve watched are:

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
Parks and Rec
The Americans
The Wire
Altered Carbon
Star Trek: Disco
The End Of The Fucking World

I somewhat doubt these are going to get much play on the show. Altered Carbon maybe? Star Trek?