The Netflix TV Show Thread


Wow, you’ve saved a great line up of some of the best shows of all time for the last month.

Which one is Star Trek: Disco? Is that Voyager?


The new one on CBS All Access. It’s on Netflix in the UK though.


Oh right. Duh. It didn’t occur to me that it was an abbreviation. I thought it was a description.


It’s not stuff you’ve likely seen. There’s a great segment on a particular quirk of scripted Korean dramas and a really good bit on South African soaps.


Those Korean dramas were the best part of the show.


See, I don’t watch reality shows either but still find it funny when Joel makes fun of them.


I’m only on Episode 4, but so far Berlin Babylon is really quite something. It’s a sort-of crime drama set in between-the-wars Weimar-era Germany, and it’s pretty much as dark and glamorous as you’d expect a drama set in that time and place to be.

It’s Tom Tykwer production, so the visuals and design are about as ravishing as you’d expect from something of his. I’m not sure if the story is going anywhere good (it’s 16 episodes long), but so far so good.


I’ve only just started watching Peaky Blinders (season 1 over the past week) and I’ve been enjoying it more and more as the season went on. I’m hoping the following seasons will be equally good. At 6 episodes a season (for 1 and 2 at least), there is no padding and the story progresses at a nice pace.

That one is definitely worth putting on a watch list of anyone hasn’t watched it yet.


Has anyone watched Chef’s Table? I’ve watched the first 3 episodes of season 1 so far, and am just starting episode 4. My biggest take away so far is that Francis Mallmann is kinda an asshole, who I’d like to lock in a room with Trump for a week. Dan Barber was a little better, but also not someone I’d ever want to work for.

On the other hand Massimo Bottura seemed so amazingly down to earth and almost humble, despite having one of the top restaurants in the world.

An interesting show in that it focuses on the humanity of the individuals as much as their art.


I used to watch The Soup once in a while, and would laugh, but watching it always made me despair of the people who would waste their time watching that reality show dreck. I mean, it’s just SO BAD.


Speaking of The Soup, I enjoyed the second episode of Joel McHale show better than the first.


Yup. Ep 2 was a bit stronger I thought. However I need some Tales…from…Home…Shooooppppinnnnngggg.


I just finished all four seasons of Peaky Blinders and was amazed how good it is. I wouldn’t have watched it except for the rave reviews on this site. It just keeps getting better. At the series end I was wondering if they could continue, but I hear season five is planned.


One of my current favorite shows. Having less episodes than most series makes for a tight and constantly moving story without the fluff to many others out there have. But it’s also means a season is over fast.


Makes sense. He’s a total hack.


I love Chef’s Table. Besides being gorgeous and just relaxing to watch, I find most of the people fascinating.


I am watching Flint Town and I think it’s very good so far. Documentary series about Flint, mostly from the perspective of the PD but also has politics and so on in it as well.


If you never gave The Magicians a chance, the first two seasons are on Netflix. I’ve really grown to love the show and characters. It’s still great in season three IMO.

Never read the books, so not sure how different it is, but it continues to go places I did not expect.


Lost in Space official trailer. Who knows if it will be good but can’t diss Netflix on not spending money for production. Looks as good with visuals as Altered Carbon was.


Damn, is that just stuff from the Pilot? Or is it spoiling the whole season?

Otherwise, budget seems to be decent for a tv show.