The Netflix TV Show Thread


What do you guys think about Altered Carbon? Been hearing about it quite a lot but not sure if I should take the plunge.


Worth watching, but not amazing. There’s a separate thread for the show.


Caveat that it certainly looks amazing if you have a good HDR capable TV. Worth the price of admission alone for the eye candy. I wasn’t convinced by the narrative or the characters, and most of the world building seemed pretty derivative, but I don’t regret watching it at all.


I’m watching this, it is a great take on the police ride-along genre and a look at the tragedy of the economy and people there.


I’m three episodes into Wild Wild Country, a documentary series on events I was not familiar before. Absolutely fascinating. The story is basically being told by the parties involved, and it’s interesting to see the cultural clash as it unfolds and radicalizes people. It certainly is also of contemporary relevance.

[Netflix] "Wild Wild Country" Documentary - Murderous "Sex Cult" in 80's Oregon

The second season of Occupied just dropped. This show hasn’t received much buzz, but it’s terrific. It’s a Norwegian production (with subtitles) depicting a modern-day Russian occupation of Norway.


Wow, what a fantastic premise. Sold!


Wow, same here. Hadn’t even heard of it.


I just watched the first couple of episodes of season 1 and I’m hooked. Hope this show never gets aired in Russia, wouldn’t want Putin to think it was being critical of his government or anything.


Oh, they’ve seen it:


Modern day occupation of Norway? Well, that’s unrealistic. If Russia was going to take over Norway they would do it like they took over the United States, through social media!


I have to imagine that “major Python comedy dump” is exactly how this would have been described in a Python sketch.


I saw that news the other day, and I was soooo happy. My toddler saying “Nuuu” all the time, to which I reply “Niiiii”, and he looks at me questioningly, and I saw “Nuuu”. It made me seek out the Knights who say Niiii on youtube, and I wished I could see the whole thing again. I haven’t seen it since the mid-90s.


Tossing out a recommendation for Collateral. A solid British police mystery involving illegal immigration/human smuggling. It’s only for episodes so its not a big commitment and keeps the story moving along. Nice to watch instead of trying to be another 5 season show.


Aggretsuko looks like it might be fun. Anime The Office, with metal karaoke.


My daughter and I watched The Mercury 13 last night. Really enjoyed this documentary about ace women pilots that should have been astronauts.





If anyone’s considering watching Troy: Fall of a City, don’t. Seemed slightly promising at first; at least they weren’t afraid to include the gods in this one, and I liked the actor who played Odysseus. Okay, for some reason they switched Palamedes and Diomedes, but maybe that means that Diomedes will actually get a bigger role? I wasn’t too concerned about accuracy to a particular telling or tradition of the story.

It was terrible. They ticked off a checklist of the key bits of the trojan war and then padded it to 8 hrs with boring dreck. The battles are worse than what you’d find on a CW show. Stay away.


I’ve seen it pop up on Netflix a few times the past few days and have been thinking of trying it out. Appreciate the warning!