The Netflix TV Show Thread


I am watching episode 1 of this based on its metacritic ranking. So far I kinda like it, it’s british-cheeky. Kinda reminds me of a darker, very brit Scott Pilgrim sorta rock and roll punk thing. Any opinions?

I punched my dad in the face and stole his car, and that seemed like a good place to start.


I’m reluctant to say much until you’ve watched more, other than I really dig it. It’s sort of a teen angsty version of Sightseers.


Pretty short season – quite good, I thought! Deserving of its metacritic rating. Definitely needs a season 2.


Don’t know if it’s also available in the US, but Planet Earth II in 4K HDR just came out on Netflix in the UK.


I started watching this, just finished the first series, it is a really sweet show. @tomchick add this to my recommended list.


I really liked End of the Fxxxing world too, but, uh… no? I’d say the ending kinda precludes a second season.


Yeah, I think people who want a second season didn’t quite grasp what was happening in the finale. :)

I’d be happy if Netflix and Channel Four just let Charlie Covell, the writer for that series, do whatever the heck she wants and call it The End of the Fing World: Season Two. So much of the show was the chemistry between Alex Lawther and Jessica Bardem*, but they couldn’t have done it without Covell’s spectacular writing.


* I love her soooo much. As far as I’m concerned, she’s the next Saoirse Ronan. Someone give her her own Ladybird!


You had me at Toby Jones.



Borrowing this from a UK film podcast, everything is either Toby Jones or Noby Jones, only one of these categories has guaranteed success!


I just watched episode 1 of “Final Space”:

I gave it a “thumbs down”. The dialogue just wasn’t funny, I guess? Feels like the kind of thing I’d write when I was 16.


For what it’s worth, episode 1 was the weakest in the series (in my opinion, of course) - I almost turned it off after the first few minutes. I liked the show overall though.


Light-hearted Canadian sitcom about a Korean-Canadian family: Kim’s Convenience. I binged through 8 episodes yesterday. I am enjoying it.


I just finished both seasons last week. Good quality and fun throughout! I’m happy to hear there’s a s3 and s4 ordered!


Pretty crazy that Canada got Kim’s convenience while the US got Fresh off the Boat. Kim’s convenience feels much more authentic even if the way the parents speak feels too forced at times.


I just finished watching Final Space and really, really enjoyed it. I love the art style and set pieces, and the plot and characters worked out well. You just need to get past your initial annoyance with Gary. I’d also point out the excellent soundtrack.


Final Space was excellent. Granted, Gary is annoying at times, and there were bits where I rolled my eyes pretty hard, but frequently when the comedy does come together properly it’s laugh out loud funny and very enjoyable. There were also a couple of moments where the room must have gotten very dusty and triggered my allergies because my eyes may have been watering just a little bit. =)

It’s such a fun ride, with short episodes, that you can power through it in a couple of nights or a weekend afternoon/evening. It’s well worth it.


Archer Season 9 is up in the UK.

Also all of Kath & Kim, which I love.


Not sure what to make of this rumor.

My only desire to watch a TV series based on that franchise would be to listen to more of that sweet, sweet guitar music from the original Diablo.


So, you want to…wait for it…stay a while and listen?


This is why I read this forum!