The Netflix TV Show Thread


Move Bojack into the queue ASAP.


Voltron because it’s good.


Ran across this article just now:

It mentions The Chalet, which was mentioned upthread, plus 5 other foreign thriller TV shows:
La Mante
The Break
The River
Tabula Rasa
All of them sound pretty cool.


I’ve seen La Mante (French), The Break (Belgian), The Forest (French), Bordertown (Finnish), Trapped (Icelandic). All of them are very good to outstanding. I haven’t seen The River (can’t find that one), but I have seen River (British) which is top-notch.

I’ll have to check out the rest.


I’ve not actually seen any of those, though I previously read up on The Chalet and The River and they didn’t sound like my cup of tea.

My foreign language Netflix viewing so far (excluding anime I guess):

Dark - German family drama mystery. Best of the bunch, by a long shot
The 3% - Somewhat interesting Brazilian sci-fi premise about a rite of passage to get selected for the elite. Kind of runs out of steam though - should have been a three parter, UK style.
Kantaro - Basically Japanese dessert porn.


Thats a solid list but I would defintely move Babylon Berlin up to the Queue. It is really good.


I first read your comment about Kantaro as Japanese desert porn and thought, man that sounds really weird and uncomfortable.


The 3% - Season 1 is great. I wouldn’t bother with Season 2.


I got bored with Season 1 after about five episodes, to be honest. Still ploughed on to the end, but I kind of wish I hadn’t.


Speaking of queues, what does everyone use to manage their tv queues? I’ve been using a program called TV TIME on my ipad and like it a lot. It helps track what episodes you have and haven’t watched, shows you when a show will be airing again and sends you a notification when an episode is about to air.


I use the human mind! It desperately needs an app update.


That’s what I use, and it’s inadequate at times like this. So this time I’m using Notepad.

As for when shows will be airing again, etc, Hulu keeps track of those for me. I plan to subscribe for a month in December, when I’ll catch up on all the shows that are currently airing, and then again around May, when I’ll catch up on the rest of the season.


I basically use the queue/watchlist/my list/favourites feature in the various on demand apps on my TV. And, at least until my USB stick started playing up, the backlog of stuff I record OTA. It’s very rare I watch something live so I don’t really care when an episode is about to air.


I wish this was still as easy as it was back in the days of Windows Media Center. Post-WMC i’ve only done this with Plex Pass when I’ve been subscribed. Is that what you use, or something else? And is it easy to setup?


I just plug it into the TV and use the EPG.


Woah, so your TV has that functionality built-in? That’s pretty cool.


It’s fairly common on UK tvs, because the EPG data is broadcast OTA, so it doesn’t require much effort to do.


I have a recommendation to pass on!

Over the last two months, I started hearing whispers in the Kansas City area from several people about a Turkish Drama about Ertugrul, the father of Osmaan, the man who formed the Ottoman Empire in the 13th Century. Ertugrul’s adventures take place in 12th Century. Anyway, it’s a testament to the show, I think, that I’ve now heard this recommendation in person from 7 different people, who say they got addicted to the show and binged watched it and are eagerly awaiting the new Season to air later this year (Season 5).

However, I just found out today from another person that recommended it that the show is on Netflix! It’s a little different from the way it was originally aired. Netflix has 179 episodes so far (2 Seasons?), and they’re divided into 45 minute episodes, which is not how they originally aired necessarily. But they apparently have good subtitles in the Netflix version, and that’s how I’m going to watch it. I’m looking forward to it.


Babylon Berlin - Good German period piece apparently
travelers season 2
Better Call Saul Season 2 - it’s been long enough since I saw Season 1.
Mad Men - I’ve heard it’s a good show.
Bojack Horseman - give this another try, I hated the pilot episode.
Freaks and Geeks
GLOW - I keep meaning to get to it

Yes from your maybe:

Dear White People ? - not sure if this is good
Kim’s Convenience - Most “Asian-American” tv show ever. Not that there’s been more than two…

No imo:
A series of Unfortunate events

Meh list:
The Crown


Thanks for the recommendation, I have watched three episodes so far and am enjoying it