The Netflix TV Show Thread


BoJack Season 5 is dropping Friday. I’m super excited, and have just completed my re-watch of the first 4 seasons.



Hah, I saw that on YouTube the other night. It looks like crazy fun. I (only slightly guiltily) admit I watched the first season of Riverdale and enjoyed it. The little girl from Mad Men was excellent in that. I’m in.


I actually really like Riverdale :|. It’s over the top trash, but it really commits to it.

Looks like Sabrina is trying to mash up Riverdale with the very successful AHS - Coven (which is also delightful trash).


Yup. And it’s gorgeously filmed, to boot. All the super-saturated colors, nicely composed shots, etc. All in service of over-the-top trash, but hey, I grew up watching John Waters. I love me some trash.



Just a fun show on Bravo (and Netflix). I went in blind not knowing the premise which was delightful.


Anyone watching Atypical? Second season was just released. Billed as a “coming of age” story about a teenager on the autism spectrum dealing with life. Charming cast, particularly the lead. Give it a look if you missed it - I just binged through it and liked it a lot.


Binged the second season last week, one of my favorites on Netflix for sure.


We just started watching the first season and so far it’s a big thumbs up.


I’m watching Tabula Rasa now, and it’s very good. I think there is one major flaw running through the whole thing, but it doesn’t ruin the show.

Basically, the character who can’t remember everyday things seems to have no problem remembering things like ‘it’s time to pick up my daughter at school’ or ‘I parked my car over there’.


I’ve been hearing that this show is blowing up in the UK.


I only saw a sniper scene that someone had posted but it looked pretty well done.


See my comments in the British TV thread. I’ve since watched the first episode, and it seems to be exactly what I thought it would be, alas.


So I just watched the live action manga adaptation Bleach, and it was pretty damn good. High energy, some excellent action set pieces, and it’s always refreshing to see a mythology that’s not bog-standard urban fantasy, Tolkeinesque, or Grecko-Roman-Norse etc. I’m not much of a manga/anime person but this was good.


Have you watched Ganz-0 ? From the same director I believe.


Watching the Norm Show on a whim and David Spade’s stories are just killing me. I’ve always thought he was funny, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him just be himself and he’s a delight.


Huh. The first two seasons of the Expanse have disappeared from Netflix UK. Just as I was expecting season 3 to show up. They’re not on Amazon either, so it’s not that. Hopefully it’s just a weird interregnum and not some situation with season 3.


Just finished watching the three part Indian horror miniseries Ghoul. Overall I thought it was pretty worthwhile, if a touch uneven. It starts off with what I personally felt was the weakest part - a very vaguely sketched picture of an unnamed country (that’s clearly meant to be India) being dominated by hardline authoritarians, and the protagonist, a would-be government enforcement cadet, turning in her own father for re-education. It’s not that it’s not a chilling picture, it’s just that it’s so unspecific and stereotypical that it didn’t quite land for me. Then she’s taken out of her classes to help at a secret underground interrogation facility where they’re taking a legendary terrorist, and his arrival at the end of that first episode mark a shift into an uneasy psychological horror (complete with learning just what sorts of brutality they’ve been up to in this facility) in the second. And then things really ramp up in the third episode, for IMO the most successful portion of the miniseries - the shifting loyalties and supernatural elements recall the best aspects of Carpenter’s The Thing. It’s not quite as well made, but the context established in the previous episodes add some elements that give it its own identity.


Maybe should be it’s own thread but…eh. Netflix looks to have the right to the Narnia books now. Could see both movies and episodic content. So Witcher for your TV-MA fantasy and good ole Narnia for the family.


Cool, and makes sense with the BBC/HBO production of His Dark Materials coming.