The Netflix TV Show Thread


Well, it is a Nick Kroll show.


Sabrina is getting excellent reviews so far. I thought we had a thread but couldn’t find one.


Why did it have to be spodurs.


Daredevil and Glow are shows I recently watched and highly recommend. Currently, watching End of the Fxxxx world and thinking about Sabrina.

Any thoughts if it is worth the time?


Really? But the first 6 episodes of Season 1 were so boring! Can I skip to the latest season, or will I have missed too much?


If you thought the hallway fight in S1E2 was boring, it may not be the show for you.

I’ve watched the first episode of Sabrina now - it’s a weird midpoint between the old 90s Sabrina sitcom and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic the show is based on. Tonally much darker than the former, what with people getting stabbed in the neck, blood curses, mention of long pig, and Sabrina’s aunts regularly swearing by Lord Satan. Much toned down from the comic, where one character (who I’m fairly sure is already present in the show) goes around with a torn-off face, the whole Spellman family routinely eats human flesh, and cat familiar Salem is the reincarnated spirit of a witch who tried to bring about the apocalypse, among other things.


It is worth the time. S3 will blow your mind (10/10 from me) and has great fight scenes. Wilson Fisk makes this show so much better. S2 you can kinda skip through or just run in the background while you work/exercise since it is basically them fighting the Hand.

Skip Other Marvel shows if you want, but Daredevil is the best of the four shows and has not been cancelled.

There is an article claiming DD S3 is the best Superhero Show Ever Made. If you do not mind spoilers, I can send you the link.


This gets hinted at as you proceed.

I also half suspect the presented background for Salem is going to turn out to be wrong. But we’ll see.


We too watched Sabrina tonight and really enjoyed it.


Yes, they’ve already hinted at the aunts eating people, but only hinted, whereas it’s just straight up shown in the comic and Sabrina participates. There’s also at least one really gnarly storyline they appear to be skipping since it didn’t happen in episode 2 and that is the point where it should have kicked off if they were going to. Though I suppose there’s always time.

And there’s certainly plenty of mystery around Salem but considering he doesn’t talk in the show, and you find all that kinda stuff out directly from him in the comic, I doubt it’s going to be the same origin.


Yeah that was some of Daredevil at its best. I haven’t gotten far in season 3 yet but I’m willing to bet if DD wasn’t for you at the start, it’s not going to be worth catching up.


I finally started Daredevil S3 last night and will probably alternate that with Sabrina with maybe some Hill House thrown in. What a fantastic Netflixoween!


Thanks. That clarifies things quite nicely.


I started Sabrina tonight. It’s good fun. Having grown up on Archie comics though I still don’t understand why the personalities of Hilda and Zelda were reversed from the comics in both the ‘90s sitcom and now this.


So, I started watching Bodyguard since it’s available on Netflix now and came with a considerable amount of hype. I liked the first episode enough, but by episode 2 we’re already on groan-worthy predictable plot cliché territory.

I know the show has been slightly touched upon in the Brit TV thread. Did anyone finish the first season? Does it go the House of Card route? You know, a show which is interesting at first because you think you’ll get served some political scheming, but end up with an insufferable soap opera plot?


I gave up after the first episode.


Yes, Bodyguard was awful. Brits just cannot make decent drama. Comedy however is a different matter.

You were wise, very wise. I sat through the entire season. It goes downhill fast after around episode 4 and ends up wallowing in ridiculousness.


Hasan Minaj’s new show started off great. It’s a weekly show, new episode every Sunday. So this might be the one show that will be tempting me to keep Netflix indefinitely instead of just subscribing to it as part of a rotation.


So I am watching Bojack Horseman season 5 and I am enjoying it.

Except for one thing. They stole a joke from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Not a one-liner or anything, a whole bit.

Here is the scene in Curb which is hilarious:

In episode 2 “Dog Days are Over” at the 15 minute mark Diane is talking to her therapist and her therapist starts talking about her other clients but masks their names poorly, which leads to the situation of Diane worrying that her personal info is being divulged to other clients.

The worst part is it wasn’t even funny in Bojack, and I know the writer isn’t lacking in ideas as the episode overall was a good one.


I discovered this show last month, and I’ve been binging it. I was watching this on a flight last night. A middle-aged dude in a business suit, watching a horse cartoon on a laptop gets some funny looks.

Worth it.