The Netflix TV Show Thread


I’m really enjoying The Kominksy Method. I was hesitant after the first episode, but last night I watched the second episode, and then immediately watched the third episode. I’m hooked.


I had a bad feeling about it because Chuck Lorre is such a hack, but I was willing to give it a shot based on the leads.

Unfortunately they weren’t enough to overcome Mr. Lorre’s hackiness.


Has anyone watched the new She-ra? The artwork is very nice. I was surprised the sword movements looked so fluid. Only criticism so far is that the show needs to (hopefully soon) do a better job of properly showing the scale of the conflict between the two main factions, geographically I mean. Right now, it seems everything is within walking distance.

FYI, the show seems to be a serial, not episodic.


Oddly enough, I have. I put it on for my daughters (I was sick of rewatching the same damn shows over and over again) and ended up finishing it up myself.


There was a mention of this film earlier in this thread, but I think it deserves some more attention. I have played the two seasons that are available on Netflix and it is very good and hard to stop watching at one episode. I often watch two or three. It has been compared to Game of Thrones (without the dragons). It is based on Turkish history around 1200 AD and the hero is the father of Osman, founder of the Ottoman Empire. I found the culture and traditions of that time very interesting. It is a nomad existence with danger from Christian Crusaders and Genghis Khan There is likely to be a third season on Netflix and I can’t wait.


Sounds worth checking out, Laura, thanks.

Just spotted a planned “Young Wallander” series in the works. Beware the potentially confusing headline in the Variety article, Young Wallander will not be set during the French Revolution.


But Wallander in the French Revolution is not a bad idea! Get someone to run up an outline for that show quick.


Has anyone checked out 1983? I haven’t looked too deeply into it but I guess it’s some alternate-history fall of the SU thing?



I guess I was 180 degrees off on the premise, but the real one sounds even better. I’ll be watching.


Check out the new Neflix movie the package…its that awesome mix of funny LOL moments mixed with embarrassing situations that make you cringe. To be clear, not will Farrell absurd stupid man situations, but Porky’s WTF situations. it does have a few almost Will Farrell moments, but really nearly all you could see yourself doing in your teens early 20s.

It was a very funny movie, and makes me want to watch Porkys again! Very surprised to see this hidden in the neflix unique offerings…


Anyone know of a good site that lists shows based on runtime? I want a good 30 minute show but it’s impossible to find.


What genre? I’m don’t think you’re going to find anything other than comedies that only run 30 minutes, but if that’s what you’re looking for I’d recommend Schitt’s Creek on Netflix or Baskets on Hulu.


Man Down, the British sitcom, is pretty funny albeit vulgar on Netflix. I think it was Rik Mayall’s last role.


Thanks I’ll check those out! Comedy was what we were looking for but are open to other genres so I didn’t want to limit things.


I just fired up Netflix tonight and learned of this one. Cool alt-history premise.

[About halfway into the first episode] Damn, this pretty good, people.

EDIT: It (1983 on Netflix) really deserves its own thread.


Not sure if this belongs here or in the movie forum or both but The Other Side of the Wind (Welles’ last movie) and They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead, the documentary about it’s troubled creation are up.

I started watching the documentary and it’s pretty damn good.


Just saw a teaser for The Umbrella Academy which is coming to Netflix early next year:

Based (I think) on an existing graphic novel/series which I understand is not related to Resident Evil, so leave their umbrellas alone!


The comic’s generally well regarded, but I couldn’t get into it.


Written by the lead singer of My Chemical Romance! (I’ve never listened to them. Nor have I read the comic. But hey.)