The Netflix TV Show Thread


Kingdom, with some people who did the Train By Busan movie. It’s a historical Korean epic so there’s nobles with gats and elitist attitudes. There’s also zombies. Watched a few episodes, it’s exciting at least.


Yeah, I watched a few episodes of that. Pretty fun.


My brother in law, who lived for a time in Israel, highly recommends Fouda, which he describes as an Israeli take on “24”.

Anyone familiar with it?


Same here.

Wife and I just wrapped up You tonight. Can’t say I’d recommend it.


I can recommend episodes 1 and 3 of Killer Mike’s new Netflix show. Maybe 1-5 if you’re bored or watching on a second screen. Here’s a review:


My son and I both really enjoyed Fouda. Calling it like 24 is a pretty good shortcut for what it’s like. The main actor and writer was an actual member of the investigative service the show is about, gives it more authenticity.


Love that show. I still haven’t watched season 2 yet, but season 1 was fantastic. For an Israeli show, Fauda does an excellent job of portraying both sides.


Just watched the first episode of the Natasha Lyonne vehicle Russian Doll, and enjoyed it quite a bit. That’s just the first episode, but it was good IMO.


I had a less enthusiastic reaction. The show wasn’t on my radar at all, but I noticed the A.V. Club really liked it (I didn’t actually read the review, but they gave it an A).

All I knew was that it had some kind of Groundhog Day-esque hook.

So I watched the first episode expecting two things, the establishment of some kind of time loop gimmick, and then maybe something at the last minute that sets it apart from Groundhog Day. But I only got the first.

An A from A.V. Club and the fact that it’s only 8 half-hour episodes is enough that I’ll keep going with it, but the first episode would not have kept my interest on its own merits.


I watched the first episode this afternoon, and liked it well enough, but man, not sure i want to watch 4 hours of insufferable NY hipsters at an insufferable party, etc. Just at the end of the episode there were glimmerings of something deeper, though. I’ll probably watch another couple to make up my mind.


Man, all I need is a time loop and I’m good. So picky.

(That said, if you want a time loop show that’s not just Groundhog Day again, check out ABC’s one-season wonder Daybreak, whose timeloopee is a cop who gets betrayed and dumped in a grave out in the desert only to wake up at the start of that day again.)


I loved Daybreak.


So, my incredibly snarky take on Russian Doll up above? Totally wrong. I blew through this this evening, and it was great. It wasn’t 4 hours of insufferable hipsters at all, and went some interesting places.


Damn, I was ready to hate watch insufferable hipsters.


The 2nd is in there if you were paying attention :P

Didn’t you used to have more fish?


Grr, you guys suck. I had given up on Russian Doll after 3.5 episodes. Nothing happens. The mystery neither escalates nor resolves. It’s boring.

But now you’re saying that it actually gets better? I dunno man, I’m almost half done already…


Heh, i think the last shot of ep4 is the curveball. You quit 10 minutes to soon. Not that you’ll think it gets better, mind. Just that’s when it starts to change up.


I watched the first a couple of nights ago. Meant to just watch one more tonight, but now I’m 4 episodes in and really liking it. My favorite detail is that she has her lighter on a retractable lanyard attached to her belt.


Wife and I finished up Sex Education last night.

It was very good actually. Basically a high school coming of age story, but set in a British high school this time. The main character’s mom (Gillian Anderson) is a sex therapist. Otis (the main character) has some sexual phobia’s, but ironically ends up as a sex therapist to his classmates going through all these periods of sexual discovery during high school.

The characters are really interesting (or so I thought) and generally well acted - and the show doesn’t take itself too seriously. The fact that it is set in Great Britain is a nice change of pace. While the jock/nerd/outcast/bully stereotypes still exist, they aren’t overly archetyped.


Russian Doll is pretty great (at the halfway mark).

The comments on this show are weird to me. a) It’s seems pretty clear that you’re supposed to hate the insufferable hipsters, or if not hate them per se, at the very least laugh at them, and b) it’s a comedy, so I don’t really care if “nothing happens” or the mystery takes a long time to escalate / resolve.

Maybe it’s funnier for New Yorkers?