The Netflix TV Show Thread


That’s a good point. The only thing I don’t like about that order is once you see those actors and that production and set design, that’s what gets stuck in your head later when you’re reading the book. Instead of imagining something based on the words on the page, you’re picturing what was in the visual medium you already saw.

Different topic.

On Umbrella Episode 6: Boy I really didn’t like where so many of these threads were going, so I was really happy at the end of Episode 6 when they went back in time so that most of Episode 6 was basically undone and never happened.


So here’s something different, a new Netflix comedy series called Turn Up Charlie in which Idris Elba is … kind of a loser?


That actually looks pretty awesome.


That’s almost as good as if Roman J Israel, Esq. had been about Charles Miner.


Isn’t that unpossible?


That’s what I said! You want to wrap him up in latex and make him an alien, sure run with that. Superhero? Yeah, I’d buy that. James Bond? Hell yeah! But a goofy loser type? Well that’s just crazy talk. But it does in fact look pretty good.


Not at all, he is an arsenal supporter ;)


I just noticed that the Season 3 of Resurrection: Ertugrul is now on Netflix. Now if I can just remember how season 2 ended.


I like historical fiction shows - how would you rate Resurrection: Etrugul?


I think it is very good. It is based on Turkish history around 1200 AD and the hero is the father of Osman, founder of the Ottoman Empire. I found the culture and traditions of that time very interesting. It is a nomad existence with danger from Christian Crusaders and Genghis Khan.


We just finished watching Black Earth Rising and I liked it very much. It’s a suspense / mystery drama which takes place in contemporary times but the mystery has to do with the events of the Rwandan genocide. One season of eight episodes.


So there I was heading into the last episode of Umbrella Academy, thinking “well, it’s a last episode, so they’ll do these few things that they’ve been leading towards, it’s the curse of being a last episode, still a good show leading up to it though”.

Well, the last episode kind of defied some of my expectations. In a very pleasant way.

Overall a great show, with excellent presentation. They still left a lot of unanswered questions, but they weren’t important. So if it never gets a second season, it’s still an excellent self-contained story for this show.


Just watched it. It was indeed cool. TBH I think its sometimes more violent and more ‘desperately wanting to be like quentin tarantino’ than it needs to be. Frankly the kid playing number five makes the show (him and klaus). I honestly thought it was some young looking 20+ actor they did camera ricks with to look smaller. He is actually 15.


I didn’t see it as Tarantino as much as a Noah Hawley mixed with Wes Anderson thing, myself. Then I found out that the people making this are tied to Legion and have said that Anderson is a also big influence on them, so I guess that’s what they are going for.


If you enjoyed Black Earth Rising then check out The Honourable Woman it’s by the same writer/director.


Yes, the actor that plays Number 5 is very impressive.


The actor who plays Klaus did a very similar role on the British superhero show Misfits, so if you enjoy his performance in Umbrella Academy I would check that out.


Yes, I know The Honorable Woman. It’s outstanding, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s best work.


Just finished the Umbrella Academy and I liked it. Even though the ending is sort of a cop out with them going back in time. Nevertheless I’m definitely in on a second season.


I thought it was very clever. It’s a way to do a downer ending where everyone dies without making the audience feel too down about it. Basically they failed. The world ends, they couldn’t stop it. This way if there’s never a season 2, you’re still left feeling pretty good even though the world got destroyed. I think that’s clever.