The Netflix TV Show Thread


I wasn’t aware of that but it makes a lot of sense - the hard cuts to black for commercial, the John Stamos casting. Still, I thought this was pretty good at building and keeping the tension of who would find things out, and the reveal at the end sets it up nicely for season 2 (which it looks like we’ll get late this year). The lead did a great job of slipping between caring boyfriend and obsessive psychopath even within the same scene.

Apparently there was a major departure from the books in that Joe drowned Candace and killed her - which explains their conversation in the book store. Based on that I expect the series won’t follow the books too closely going forward.


Thank you!


Is it a Spanish or Latin American show?


Wow, that’s ambitious AF. I remember reading that in grad school (in Spanish–as a native speaker it would have been a crime to read it in translation), and it blew me away.


Still the greatest opening sentence of all time.

Edit: as part of my Spanish class, I’m going to read Chronicle of a Death Foretold in Spanish.


BTW, regarding A Hundred Years of Solitude (Cien Años de Soledad) the perhaps apocryphal story is that García Márquez was too poor to send the manuscript from Colombia to his publisher in Mexico via air mail, so he sent the only copy via surface mail. In the mid-1960s. To think that that masterpiece could have been lost. shudder


I accidentally didn’t unsubscribe from Netflix this month. I thought I’d be switching to Hulu this month, but hey, you know what? Netflix it is! Wheeeee!

I have to admit, this month for me was particularly good anyway. I loved both Russian Doll and Umbrella Academy. I’ve watched a few movies on Netflix lately that turned out to be excellent. I watched Steve Martin & Martin Short’s Netflix comedy special last night, which was just delightful. So I’m feeling particularly generous towards Netflix this month anyway.

(And of course, the reason I subscribed again on Feb 10 was because of Hasan Minaj’s Patriot Act, which has been great again this season).


Yes, just as I will never eat something called head cheese I just don’t think I could watch something called Scrotal Recall. Sometimes names are important.


The second half of Arrested Development Season 5 released today.


Read a very unkind review the other day, but I’m still going to watch it.


As did Love, Death, + Robots. Kind of a modern Heavy Metal.


Surprised people aren’t talking about Love Death + Robots. The animation on some of these shorts is crazy.


I watched the first one, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I’m gonna string them out for awhile.


I started the new Idris Alba show last night on Netflix, where he’s a loser put in charge of an 11 year old child. My son just wouldn’t go to be last night and kept crying any time I tried to put him to bed. So I put him on the couch and let him play with cheerios while I watched 4 episodes. He finally fell asleep so I went to bed for the night, but hey, that’s a really enjoyable show. Nothing too special about it, but the child actor is really good, and of course Idris Alba is very charming. Something nice to watch.


Just watching it this evening. On the realistic CGI the current tech is incredible. Only the uncanny valley faces give it away.

Loved each and every one so far tbh, from the quirky cartoons to the hardcore gore and violence ones. It’s like some distilled my book and game collection into a bunch of shorts.


I watched the first LD+R shorty last night. It was good, and I’m glad to hear good impressions of the rest.


Digging Love, Death, and Robots so far. Also digging Turn Up Charles, though it’s less of a comedy and more of a drama than I thought. Not that that’s bad - Idris Elba and the girl are both super lovable.


I finished Turn Up Charlie. Mild enjoyment throughout. Not bad.

I also started Sacred Games yesterday. Wow. Fantastic so far.


Aww, the internet was right. This is what I imagine a farewell tour for one of your favorite bands is like, when they haven’t put out any new records in ages and had to replace the drummer.

I didn’t hate it but it was thoroughly mediocre and shackled to a story that spanned 2 seasons across 6 years. The ending felt very much like a series finale, and let’s hope it is.


I’m three episodes in and so far I’ve only laughed once. “You have to uncheck ‘Presume teeth’”.

I laughed a lot at that for some reason though.