The Netflix TV Show Thread


I like that tradition personally. They are trying to portray people talking in another language, not English. So if two people are talking to each other in French, they’ll be talking to each other in French with no accents. So when you’re seeing them portrayed, it makes no sense for them to speak with French Accents because they’re not talking in English with french accents, they’re talking in French. So we as the audience understand that they’re talking in a different language, but we’re just hearing English for our sake. And to portray that, might as well have a default accent that everyone understands, and that happens to be British English. Also, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say “Ello Govnah” while doing this. The tradition is to have a traditional British accent, not to have a cockney accent or something of that sort.


You say that, but the accents on Marco Polo are all over the shop. It seems completely arbitrary whether they attempt a cod Mongolian accent or just go British. And Game of Thrones isn’t much better, although it does generally keep them within the same country. But there’s no way Arya and Sansa are the daughters of Ned, accentwise.


Shopping around a little to look for movies and TV shows:

Argentina, Brazil, Columbia all have Star Wars Ep 4: A new Hope.

Netflix UK and a few other European Netflix have Better Call Saul.

Netflix Canada, surprisingly, has a lot of new movies that are not there in the U.S. Definitely worth checking out. I think they were the ones that Have all the Fast and Furious movies, 1 through 6. And recent movies like Ex Machina.

Netflix U.K. also has Fargo Season 1. That’s what I’m going to check out next now that I’m finished with Better Call Saul.


I don’t see Community on Netflix. Wasn’t that Dan Harmon’s show before Rick and Morty?


Yes it was. And it’s a great show. I believe it’s on Netflix UK or Canada. I forget which.


In the US, you can still see Community on Yahoo.


It’s on the UK site. Well, the first five seasons are.


I think the US has the first five seasons on Hulu.


So, new year eve countdown on Netflix with characters of their originalish series. I wonder what that is all a bout


Their new original Star Wars live action series to be announced?


15 new original shows from Netflix in 2016.

•Chelsea Does (Jan 23rd)
•Fuller House (Feb. 26th)
•Love (Feb/March)
•Marseille (March)
•The Ranch (Mid-2016)
•Luke Cage (Fall 2016)
•Flaked (TBD 2016)
•The OA (TBD 2016)•The Frontier (TBD 2016)
•The Get Down (TBD 2016)
•3% (TBD 2016)
•The Crown (TBD 2016)
•Frontier (TBD 2016)
•Stranger Things (TBD 2016)
•Lady Dynamite (TBD 2016)
•A Series of Unfortunate Events (Late 2016)


is that ONLY new shows? I see no Daredevil nor Marco Polo?


Daredevil and Marco Polo aren’t “new” shows. They’d be returning shows.

Marco Polo season 2 is definitely a go for 2016. Not sure about Daredevil. I think the plans for the Hell’s Kitchen Marvel stuff is getting messed up due to the urge to make the Avengers-style show with all the characters together.


Still no announced date, but I remain confident we’ll see DD season 2 before Luke Cage, and if not, definitely both still in 2016. Plenty of production and promotional images for DD out there. I think EW just released a couple more today.


Thats what I meant :-) Whether the list only shows the new shows, and not the returnee’s so to speak.


Supposedly Netflix is doubling their anticipated selection of scripted shows (doubled from what number is hard to say) but they’re definitely attempting to hit a lot of things.

Oh Daredevil is definitely a go for 2016 and early 2016 I anticipate if they are already promoting finished images in EW.

And of course the list doesn’t feature a lot of the animated stuff, docu series/films, or movies.

— Alan


To further update, EW is listing DD Season 2 for March.

— Alan


I found this website which lets me search to see if a TV show or movie is on Netflix in any region of the world. Sorry if I missed it earlier in the thread, but boy such a useful tool when combined with unblock-us.

(Edit: It turns out TimN did mention it upthread. Oh well, worth mentioning again).


Netflix announced an expansion of their deal with Dreamworks Animation today, including news of a re-imagined Voltron series. Teenage me is very excited.


This time 7 fruit-shaped ships come together to form the giant robotic hero! I wonder if they’re reimagining the cat version or the multi-ship version.