The Netflix TV Show Thread


Yeah, it’s not a bad price overall. I just don’t value their content enough to go subscribe to another thing for it.


I doubt this move would happen anytime soon and I wonder if it’s really a bit of misunderstanding the situation. The CW deal with Netflix is slated to continue for quite awhile, but only includes current shows, not anything about to come out. To break out of it would cost a ton of money. However, Netflix and CW are not coming to an agreement over any future shows, meaning that avenue is open–potentially for this new service or whatever. So older shows may remain on Netflix for years (I forget when the end date is) but CW will move forward with new programming someplace else. In other words, don’t expect Legends of Tomorrow on Netflix, ever.

— Alan


What surprises me so far is the lack of any annual subscription requirements on any of these services. I suspect there’s a lot of folks who subscribe to these services only for a month or two to binge on all the content they’re interested in…then drop it and return a year or more later when that stuff has built back up.


I definitely watched the entirety of it in the space of about a year. Almost all of it was worth the trouble!


Hah, except for season six, amirite?


Ugh… That was rough. Probably took two months just to slog through that alone.


Personally, I’ve subscribed/purchased individual shows via Amazon since I cut the cord. Getting the HD version of a show like Justified for $25 for a season was well worth it, even if I only watched it once, and a whole hell of a lot cheaper/more cost effective than cable.

I don’t mind paying for the content I consume, but I do mind paying for all the other stuff.


We did get “The French Mistake” out of it, so it wasn’t all bad, but still, ugh.


You don’t need to worry about the programming being pulled. The agreement that Netflix has with The CW/CBS is that all seasons of every CW series, up to the end of the 2014/2015 season, will be available on Netflix until 4 years after the series is cancelled. So all those Arrow/Flash/iZombie episodes that are on Netflix today will remain there until 4 years after the series are cancelled. What it does mean, however, is that the current 2015/2016 seasons are not covered under the deal. So seasons 1 - 3 of Arrow will be available for the foreseeable future, but seasons 4+ may end up being on another service.

Reading the original source article, however, is a lot less of a “solid fact” then the linked article in this thread sounds. There are “reports from 2 anonymous sources familiar with internal plans” about taking future CW programming to a streaming service. You have to keep in mind that they are currently in negotiations with Netflix to renew the old deal for future seasons, and this may just be a “leak” designed to get an extra cent-per-share from Netflix.


The selection on Netflix Canada has gotten so bad that now I mainly keep the subscription (aside from loyalty) for the Netflix-produced shows, which I never expected. They’ve really done a good job producing a range of interesting content


Between that and the kids shows, I don’t mind at all about the selection. Still plenty for me to watch as well (finally watched the Kingsman last night and I’m rewatching Dr Who). Still seems to be enough to keep me watching Netflix daily.

Regarding the CW stuff, guaranteed that that will stay on Netflix outside of the USA.


Heh, I was thinking Netflix Canada had the best selection. Since it gave me access to movies like Ex Machina, Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1, Despicable Me 2, and other recent movies that aren’t on Netflix U.S.


oh yes, Canada is the netflix we would be most loath to lose by now. Its the netflix with the most current and up to date shows of all the netflix areas.
Rock8man- you have netflix for the movies?! Thats the first time I heard someone be positive about the movies on netflix :-)


Yeah, if they take down Unblock, Canada’s the Netflix I’ll miss most.


I don’t “have Netflix for the movies” but I watch plenty of movies on Netflix and would probably still subscribe even if it had no TV*. If you’re not fussed about having movies from the last two years, and I’m not, and you have something like Lovefilm for the more obscure stuff, it’s fine. It has pretty much all the high profile “classic” movies, the BFI/AFI top 100 type stuff, and a decent selection of more lightweight fare. I’ve usually got a dozen or so films in my list at any time, even going through a film or two a week (on top of Lovefilm, movies on terrestrial TV etc.), so if I just want to turn on the TV and watch a great film I always can.

  • At least, I would if I didn’t have Amazon Prime already.


They also have a pretty good selection of foreign film, including plenty of recent Korean thrillers/action movies/etc, and a fair amount of indie stuff. It’s mainly the Hollywood blockbusters that take forever and come in small numbers that frequently rotate out.


Yeah, at least in the UK, their Bollywood selection is relatively decent (certainly compared to other streaming services I’ve looked at).


Netflix has signed up a 10-episode series based on Richard K. Morgan’s sci-fi novel Altered Carbon.

— Alan


I just discovered that '71 was on Canadian Netflix, so I hope they don’t take it down until after the damn weekend.


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