The Nevers - Joss and HBO Do Sci-Fi


I’m trying to picture a gang of Victorian women, and I’m failing. Maybe I need to play Assassin’s Creed, the one set in London.

So looks like he’s done with DC too and any more comic movies.

Good, let him get back to what he does best, televised fantasy/sci-fi.

I’m picturing Christina Ricci in a bodice.
I’ll be in my bunk.

Hmm. A lot of comic folks are thinking this is what finally became of Twist, a comic Whedon was working on with Dark Horse back in 2015. It quietly disappeared and never actually came out, but The Nevers sure sounds like Twist with a bigger cast of characters.

The first thing I thought of, too.

This Victoria era stuff reminds me one of my favorite short-lived comics: Ruse.

That would translate well for television.

That’s not a bodice!

But maybe it does involve Victorian era special abilities.

/has always been a sucker for goth girls

I was so sad when CrossGen went belly up. Their Comics on the Web was great, and they had a number of titles including Ruse which I really enjoyed. I didn’t realize that Ruse had gotten a 4 part miniseries from Marvel, and it looks like it’s on Marvel Unlimited.

Whedon left, by the by. Citing it being too stressful to work on, IIRC.

He announced his departure this past November. They had already filmed Season 1, and he is still the creator.

Philippa Goslett was announced as the new showrunner last week.

I’m glad to see that the exact same fireball sound effect that has been in use since 1732 is in evidence here.

Yeah, I wasn’t saying he wasn’t. Just that it happened since this thread was last posted in. Although I did not get from the article I saw that season 1 was in the can at the time. That’s good to know.

I honestly laughed when I heard it. At least we didn’t get a Wilhelm.

Looks good, didn’t enjoy the last time Whedon did Victorian anything (Runaways comic I think), will require people to ignore the less than ideal stories about the creator who has fallen from his “male feminist” pedestal.

Guess we’ll see.