The new age of shit PC ports and suicidal industry

The new age is here:

Shadow of Mordor:

1080p @ Ultra textures: 6Gb required.

(so if you bought a $550 GTX980 two days ago you are already out)

The Evil Within:

Required/Recommended specs: GeForce GTX 670 or equivalent with 4GB of VRAM

(a GTX 670 with 4Gb doesn’t even exist in this reality)


even the mighty GTX 980 could not sustain 1080p60 at the highest presets.

“Gamers are dead.”

In fact a guy who buys a new PC every six months to keep up with the insane escalation of PC requirements how can be called? Not a gamer? A casual hobbyist?

Does a casual player have a 6Gb videocard in his PC?

Aren’t all reviewers, always, reviewing stuff on PC informing their readers how smoothly (or not) something runs on a overlocked i7 at 5ghz and a GTX 980?

Isn’t that the most common spec out there?

Aren’t game developers constantly targeting higher end machines? 4Gb video memory required. 8 cores recommended. 8Gb+ system memory recommended.

Have you got a videocard 3 times as powerful as a PS4? Sorry, the PC port barely runs on par.

It’s a whole mess of idiocy that includes everyone. Journalists who seem to review for 2% of their readers and developers who make games that are optimized to run on 2% of the hardware.

If the PS4 and XBone versions do not run the Ultra textures that require 6gb, how is that a “bad port”?

It sounds to me like “Here’s some stuff we have available for crazy hobbyists and screenshot creators like DeadEndThrills. It’s here if you want it, but you’ll need big hardware to do anything with it.”

FTR: I’m still having no problems whatsoever with my i5 2500k CPU that I installed three years ago. The hardware update requirements to be a PC gamer are nothing like they were in the 1990s and first part of the 2000s.

Yes. And I hope this glorious truth continues to hold (since my current approach is to buy a new laptop every 4 years). If not, well Steam, GoG and Gamersgate solve this problem for me by giving me access to hundreds of games that I probably should play, so I know I’ll have something to keep me occupied until I feel like upgrading.

Nothing unusual. These games are console games that companies also port to pc to gain some extra profits. But the core design of the engine, the game, the optimization, etc, is done for consoles. If some computers can’t run it perfectly… oh well, they will have less profits, but that’s preferable to do a really good version for pc, as that isn’t a bit more of work, but a ton more.
It isn’t like something has changed these past months, before we enjoyed pc games with “good performance” because we had computers that were 5-8 times more powerful than consoles, so even if the code wasn’t optimized, we had enough power to compensate. Now that there is a new generation of consoles, that isn’t true anymore.

In specific we are going to have problems with the video memory. Consoles have 5-5.5gb of ddr5, so when games are designed for these consoles, all the texture work is done thinking they have x space for it, so to have a decent experience you are going to need the same amount, or more if you run the game at higher IQ (more resolution, more MSAA, etc).

-Watch Dogs needed 4gb of video ram at very high detail.
-Shadow of Mordor the same (note: it seems the game doesn’t need 6gb, not even for ultra, it seems that’s with supersampling activated in game, that means running the game at 4K resolution).
-I suppose the same with Evil Within, the texture load was designed thinking in the ram they have in consoles.
-Ryse was 900p/30fps in consoles. As one of the famous John Carmack tweets said, you need twice the power in pc to run the same game, given the difference in optimization in consoles vs pc. Now add that note is referring to running at twice the framerate and more resolution you are going to need a lot of machine.

Shadow of Mordor was coded on the PC and ported to the consoles. Or so I’m told.

Technically every game is coded on the PC. But the design decisions are done following the money…

There was an interesting comment i read a couple days ago regarding memory usage. Basically the PS4/Xbone have shared graphics and memory where in PCs they remain discrete, so there is a possibility that next-gen console first titles will all use significantly more VRAM than is available for almost any PC. IE; 4-6gb VRAM will be “standard” for next gen console titles but PCs are stuck with a “mere” 1-2gb VRAM on average but with equal or higher system RAM, until card makers starting adding much higher RAM capacities as standard. I felt that was an insightful point, but not a certainty.

I would hope that the faster DDR5 (isn’t that what the PS4 uses?) ram comes down in price significantly from the demand of the PS4, and shows up in larger quantities on pc video cards at a reasonable price

It’s a slightly weird situation because even if you average cpu is more powerful than the one used in consoles, and the same in gpu if you buy a 250€ gpu, the same can’t be said of the amount of memory in the gpu.

I knew we were going to be in this situation two years when the next gen console hw was announced. My bet then was that gpu companies would release gpus with much more ram than up to that point.

Oh, come on.

We already know that a game can only allocate 5/5.5 at max of those 8Gb on consoles, and that’s the grand total, not just “texture” memory.

You can’t make a game with just one giant texture. You also need the actual game. Data structures. AIs. Actual 3D models. Animation data, sound and so on. So if you strip all the game data to get just the textures themselves, I’m not sure exactly how much is left, but it’s certainly MUCH less than 5Gb.

The difference between PC and consoles is that developers can’t be bothered to also code a texture manager that works natively on PC. So if on consoles you have some automatism that decides which textures to load and which to remove from cache, on PC you get abysmal replacements that just can’t do a good job.

GIANT textures requirements are always a sign of very poor texture management, not of great assets. In fact the install size of Mordor’s PS4 version is identical to the PC version.

So you’d have to explain where those magical textures are stored. The game would have to be twice or thrice the size that it is on consoles to make sense of the 6Gb req. Explain this.

A 980 isn’t “twice” the power of a meager Xbox. It’s SEVERAL TIMES the power.

This is the same of Dead Rising 3 not being able to hold 60FPS on a Titan. These game engines are a new frontier of shit. An unprecedented level of terrible engines that we never saw up to this point.

Things are getting worse. Quality levels are plummeting like they never have.

Well I have 600 titles on Steam and GOG that run like butter on my GTX 760. If ports suffer for a bit it will be a great opportinity for me to do some deep cuts in my backlog.


I said you need several times the power. Read properly.

You need twice because optimization.
Then you need twice more because 60fps is twice 30fps.
Then you need 50% more because the increased resolution.

So around 450% more needed.

haha your glass is always half full, isn’t it

Explanation: the console version is running at high detail, not a ultra detail, which is an optional separate download in pc. And running at 4k.

The game at the same resolution and detail than the console version needs 2.7gb of memory (taken from one guy who seems to have the game already).

What’s your basis for that claim? A couple of minutes of digging suggests the opposite.

This suggests 26GB on PS4: Latest | Official PlayStation™Store US

This suggests 25GB minimum, 40GB recommended on PC: Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ on Steam

The ultra textures are said to be a separate download, so it’d be very odd for it to be included in that minimum.

Capcom’s been doing a ton of bad ports- the ports of USFIV and Dead Rising 3 have had a ton of complaints.

Overbloated specs are common for console ports and certain PC devs on the high-end.

In any case Hrose if you read my first paragraph, I agree they do pc ports with bad optimization, I was just saying it’s nothing new :P.

Have you ever made a non-complaining post HRose?

I was thinking HRose works for The National Enquirer because so many of the threads start like it is a big scandal or conspiracy. Not saying HRose’s concerns aren’t legit, but they always sound like there is some catastrophe ready to put an end to all that is good. My PC is at least 4 years old now and there hasn’t been a game that I couldn’t run in a satisfactory way. I did make 1 $130 graphics card upgrade along the way. I think the initial cost of my PC was only around $1200-$1300.