The New (and Old) Music Thread for 2016


The new BJM song sounds fantastic. Love the classic lineup clips too.


So there’s a new Mark Eitzel album in the works. Which is terrific: Mark Eitzel is great.

But here’s why I’m REALLY psyched about it: Bernard Butler (Suede/Tears/Just generally a rock and roll god) is producing and playing guitar and other instruments on it.

Again: if your choices are to have Bernard Butler play on your record or not, I strongly recommend that you choose the former.


Great song! I’m in.




That’s just rude.


I love me some well done piano covers, came across this guy over the weekend, he is really good. I’ve watch just about every cover he has done now on youtube.

Here is one of his recent covers, of Sia Cheap Thrills.


New Covenant album!! Not sure how beloved Synthpop is here, but damn if I don’t love these guys. Northern Lights has gotta be a top-25 of all time album for me.

Still digging into the new one, The Blinding Dark, but I’m very much onboard for now.


An old student just sent me this. More Natalie-singing-right-into-my-heart loveporn.


Love these guys!


This immediately struck me as one of the best songs of the year. Debut album just came out yesterday.


In other news, the new Lambchop album is knocking my socks off. They went more electronic and autotuney but somehow still sound familiar. Lambchop… always different, always the same.

Track 1 is my favorite. Maybe my absolute favorite song of the year. (It’s been getting me through a difficult week.)

Track 11, the 18+ minute single, is my other favorite:


Sting has an actual album out! Holy shit! Not whatever he’s been doing in the last decade with folk music and christmas music and weird ass stuff, but an actual normal Sting album! I’ve been waiting for so long.


Herein: Armando Penblade continues trying to break into the non-metal music conversation on Qt3, confused at the strange sounds the others share.

Dead Astronauts combine so many things that i like that it’s actually hard to enumerate them all. I didn’t think anything was gonna top 2014’s Constellations, but Arms of Night might just do that. I mean, there’s nothing quite as gorgeous as “Parallel Universes” here yet. . .


That sounds a lot like everything I was listening to back in high school. Book of Love, Depeche Mode, Yaz, OMD, Erasure…


Lush: “This was great and all, but seriously, that’s a wrap.”



Darn, I wanted an album after the EP was so good. Ah, well. Grateful for the little reunion we got.


Yes yes yes! Surely one of the best things about this annus horribilis.


Would you like a brand new song from Chavez?

You bet your goddamned life you would.

New EP in January!


So for those that like Industrial, the new Dead When I Found her album Eyes on Backwards is worth a listen. It’s very inspired by Too Dark Park era Skinny Puppy or Front Line Assembly.


New Soft Kill album is pretty good, gothy post punk. On the track On The Inside I was thinking, jeez these guys are sure channeling The Chameleons before finding out, oh that IS Mark Burgess doing guest vocals. The Chameleons, btw, were criminally underrated and were easily one of the best Post Punk bands of the 80s IMO.