The New (and Old) Music Thread for 2016


I think it’s solid. They are another one of those bands who have the curse of having produced an absolutely killer debut album. At least they are somewhat in the ballpark as opposed to say Bloc Party.


Ben Harper and Xavier Rudd! man that is some awesome:

Very soul.


Any love for 21 pilots? This is quite a fun of the times song of theirs:

And another awesome Xavier Rudd song:

I believe we are one, i believe we are sacred
indeed bro, indeed we are.


New Lush EP:


Been in heavy rotation here all day!

In addition to the amazing “Out Of Control” (which is seeming like it’s gonna be my fave rave of the year), Burnham Beeches has is the most Lovelife-sounding track on the EP, and definitely works for me. Love the sweet hush of Rosebud too.


Miracle Legion reforms. Wish they were coming west.


Wray dropped a decent little shoegaze album earlier this year.

Also that Bleach cover album is out, noteworthy for the Beach Slang cover of About a Girl.

Also, let me say I’m super excited for the Beach Slang/Potty Mouth/Dyke Drama show next month. Looks like Beach Slang are doing Replacements and Jawbreaker covers, and Potty Mouth seem to have tapped Aurore Ounijian, formerly of Mean Creak, as touring guitarist for at least part of the tour. This is a killer bill people, don’t miss it.


And it looks like Beach Slang may have broken up on stage last night… They haven’t commented publicly yet but tonight’s show has been cancelled. This is a total bummer. We should get some clarification of what’s going on soon. Seemed like things turned sour pretty suddenly too as reports of previous shows this tour have all been outstanding.


Waitwaitwait, he didn’t mean it!


And then this happens!

Still two weeks until they play here…will they be a band? Will Paul Westerberg or Blake Schwarzenbach join them on stage? Anything seems possible this tour.


I certainly hope our NY contingent (RR!) will be going to the NYC Popfest this year…that top of the bill murderous!


2:30pm DOORS

04:30pm LAKE RUTH (NYC)


When Scott Miller died back in 2013, he’d been working up to the possible release of a new album which was going to be a Game Theory record…since he had the rights back to use that name. He’d been writing songs and trading soud files with Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer of the Posies, both of whom he’d worked with on the second Loud Family album.

Last year it was decided to try to finish it, and it has a Kickstarter page up now! Stringfellow is producing, Auer’s playing on it, along with Ted Leo, Anton Barbeau, former Game Theory folks…and Peter Buck of REM, Aimee Mann (I think singing a duet to one of Scott’s vocal tracks on one song), and Scott Kannberg of Pavement. Mitch Easter is doing the final mixdown.

Ah shit, I knew I’d forget some names. Michael Quercio, of course, is playing on it. So too is Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt, Will Sheff of Okkervil River, and ex-Guided By Voices guitarist Doug Gillard.

I guess some songs will have his vocals, others not, but there was a great deal of recorded stuff he left behind, so hopefully it has his signature sound on it.


Currently listening to the new Radiohead album that released today: A Moon Shaped Pool. I’m 2 minutes into the first song. No opinion of the full album experience as of yet. It’s been five years since King of Limbs, so it’s about damn time they dropped another one on us.

Apparently not all the songs are brand new material. Some tracks have been performed live for years, and a couple others are tracks that didn’t fit King of Limbs and were held over.


I’ve heard live performances of Identikit, Present Tense, and I think one of their previous releases had an acoustic live rendition of True Love Waits. I remember really liking all of these songs though, so studio versions aren’t unwelcome for me anyway.

I also love the track they dropped a day or two ago, daydreaming.


There’s enough ex-Sarah Records talent there that I’d happily drive up from DC. Unfortunately, the wife is out of town that weekend, and the kids have other engagements.


Thanks for the heads-up, charm. That looks pretty tempting… tix might be hard to come by though.


Yeah, Secret Shine I’ve seen and they’re pretty good, but one of my fave Sarah releases was EAWS’s “Feral Pop Frenzy” and I never got to see them in their heyday. I’d love to make the trip this year, but I just can’t swing it. The NYC Popfest is really worth checking out every year, though.

Also, even down the line-up is pretty good. The Witching Waves were one of my favorite discoveries last years:

And Eureka California are a fun mid-90’s indiepop throwback:

Yeah, unfortunately NYC sells fast. You gotta jump on that shit.


The year of immense grief continues.

Other Music to Close

Just when I got back into shopping there regularly too. I don’t have to tell you guys how much this place means to me. Not just shopping there over the last 20 years, but their email newsletters turning me on to great new music.

And to make matters extra painful and Rob-centric, they’re closing on June 25th which would have been my parents’ 50th anniversary. (Dad died in March.)

Going to work is going to be a lot less fun next year. I must have bought around 20 records there this past spring. Oh, world, time, change, cut it out already.


When I saw that today, I immediately thought of you.

It’s weird that in various places around the internet, there’s Other Music backlash. I mean, I get it–they cater to tastes outside the mainstream as a point of business emphasis–but any time I’ve ever been there, it’s been an almost anti-hipster level of welcoming, service, and hospitality. They’re happy to see folks, happy to help. They picked a niche and do it really well. Which is awesome.

And they brought Nude Beach into being. And they, thus, can obviously never break up.


Yeah, they carved out a lot of independent music history during their twenty years. And I agree that they were often unusually friendly. But sometimes, in the early days, I’d get a hint of that record store clerk disdain but I never minded. I met a lot of different kinds of characters working behind that counter and I happen to think people who deeply know their shit really ARE superior so it never bothered me sometimes they acted like it.

Remember how I always used to put their ultra-generous 90-second RealAudio links in my Gone Gold forum sigs? :)

I went to my Dad’s memorial service this weekend and got through it without shedding a tear. Then I read this OM news this morning and all afternoon I was a weepy wreck.

But now that the news has settled, let’s try gratitude. I’m grateful for my long history with that place and how they gave me a really substantial chunk of the “soundtracks of my life.” I’m also grateful they stayed in business as long as they did. Times changed in the world of retail music a long while back but they really hung in there. If it hadn’t been for that bonus time, I wouldn’t have fallen back in love with buying records again.

Part of me wants to make a pilgrimage there tomorrow to buy 15 or 20 albums before they’re gone and give them some kind of token of my appreciation. (My NYU semester ended already so I won’t be in the neighborhood again unless I make an effort.) Another part of me never wants to go there again so that the last time I went there, I left not knowing it was the last time. I bought Belle & Sebastian’s first LP Tigermilk on my last visit… that’s a fitting place to end it.