The New (and Old) Music Thread for 2016


It’s been so long since I had a relationship with a record store like that (Mod Lang in Berkeley in the 90s) that I don’t even remember what it’s like. Sorry about that, but I’m sure New York has a loads and loads of good places to buy music.

On the music tip, Axl Rose lead sings for AC/DC and pulls it off marvelously:


Same, though for me it was Mars Records in Worcester. They were the coolest nicest people, if you were a regular they’d even let you borrow CDs etc for a couple of days to see if you liked it enough to buy it.


Just leaving this here:


I think every British person over the age of 35 is going to collectively poop themselves. New Stone Roses single drops at noon PST today.


Sweet! That should give me enough time to drive upstate and head to the lounge of my freshman year dorm so I can recreate the first time I heard I Wanna Be Adored on 120 Minutes.

EDIT: Later that same afternoon…

All For One

Not bad! Closer to “new Lush” than “new Pixies” on the quality spectrum.

“All for one. One for all. If we all join hands we’ll make a wall.” New anthem for Trump supporters?


“Not bad” is about as excited as I can get too.



Physical copies of new Car Seat Headrest recalled and destroyed due to licensing sample issue.


New Eagulls is nice, bit of a change in tone from their previous album.


Don’t know if this kind of thing belongs here but the new Perturbator The Uncanny Valley released last week. Very nice dark synth if you’re into video games, metal, or John Carpenter.


Rather digging this shambolic psych track from upstate PA, The Stargazer Lilies:

New album next week.


OK, Britpop kids! This was fun: Creation Records at the BBC - Primals, Fannies, Super Furries, Chain, Boos, Ride, etc.


Ooh, great find.


Also, if you’re Netflix-inclined, the Tom Petty documentary there–directed by Peter Bogdanovich–is 3 1/2 hours of amazingness.

Might be one of the best rock docs I’ve seen. It’s right up there with the one for The Who, Amazing Journey.


Have tried listening to Yuck’s 3-years-later follow up to Glow and Behold for like two months. And it just…well…yuck.

They seem like nice people. So they’ve got that going for them.


This show was fucking awesome. Highlight of the night was when Beach Slang briefly swapped some members with Potty Mouth to do a cover of Territorial Pissings.

Oh and this just dropped on Spotify today, Beach Slang covers EP.


AWESOME new Plaid single “The Bee”, with an album called [B]The Digging Remedy[/B] to follow on June 10th. Completely can’t wait! Their last album “Reachy Prints” was one of the best things about 2014 after the Giants winning the World Series again.

For some reason “The Bee” is not available on their site nor on Youtube, but IS on Spotify:

Also new 5 album set from Autechre…a huge 21-tracks over 5 “albums” called [B]Elseq 1-5[/B]. I’ve only gotten through the first one, but it’s very harsh, near-industrial soundscapes over their trademark scattered beats. It appears you can stream the whole thing on their site, if you’re into it. Otherwise you have to purchase, as it’s not on Spotify or Apple Music as of yet:


Pretty sure i’ve mentioned them before, Mumford & Sons, and here is a concert they did in the States back in 2011:

Very talented group, best of this generation in my book.


Thanks for the tip, CH! I watched this over the last three nights and found it really engaging.

At first I found the running time a little off-putting (he’s not an artist for whom I’ve ever felt much passion) but soon after I started watching it, I realized that giving it 4 hours is the film’s greatest strength. Not only can they do justice to telling the story of his/their long career but it also gives plenty of time to let you watch the band play the songs! Huh! What a gift. (American Girl just kills.)

It’s also nice that each chapter of the story can be told visually, be it through home movies, vintage TV performances, MTV clips, etc. The only thing glaringly absent is more detail about his marriage… he got married young, right before leaving Gainesville! But you gotta respect him for keeping all that private stuff private.

With Bowie and Prince in mind, it feels good and necessary to appreciate a living legend before he becomes an ex-living legend. The film is ten years old so I googled him, nervous about how his last decade had gone. Seems he’s doing just fine, and better yet… this just came out! Inspired by the doc, he got the old band back together. What a class act.


Oh, one other thing. I love how quickly he got record companies interested. I spend so much time and energy focused on the unknown, unappreciated geniuses, it’s nice to see a story where an artist has his immense talent recognized early and correctly.


Really like that new Plaid track!

There’s a new 3xCD Tanya Donnelly out this week called Swan Song Series. All kinds of older songs from early EPs and collaborations plus 7 new songs. Haven’t heard her in ages!

The new Twin Peaks LP Down in Heaven is pretty solid. Not as noisy as their first couple albums, for better or worse. Seeing them live this coming Wednesday and I hope I have as much fun as forge just did.