The New (and Old) Music Thread for 2016


This is the truth.

Also really enjoying the finally-released Night School album. They had a terrific 4-track EP a couple of years ago and then nothing since. But they got their album out on the mostly-reliable Graveface label and it was worth the wait.


Hey, what! New Teenage Fanclub album! September 9th on Merge, entitled “Here”!


I’ll just leave this right here: Patrick Stewart’s Cowboy Classics.


So a couple of Little Big League related things.

Michelle Zauner’s other project Japanese Breakfast are on tour with Mitski and are quite good, they put out an album this year you may have missed.

Then there’s Mercury Girls which features members of Little Big League as well


And so you don’t think I’m all dream pop and shoegaze, sunshine and rainbows, here’s the latest track from 3TEETH which is set to be on their new full length due in the fall. Channeling a bit of Skinny Puppy on the verses here IMO.


This forthcoming Angel Olsen album also has serious potential


I am sure that everyone here is aware that The Avalanches have actually really and truly finished their new album and it drops on Friday! Early reviews are very positive and I’m told the singles which have released so far are not representative of the full experience since, as with Since I Left You, the album is meant to be enjoyed as a whole.


Wooooooo, new Wedding Present track!


Yep, eagerly awaiting this’n.


Oh, and have we mentioned that Flyying Colours have their debut set for September, and that we have the first track from that as a teaser?


Also, while it appears to be a somewhat dubious practice that Flyying Colours have replaced their drummer and bassist with the prettiest people they could find…I think I’m still very much in favor.


Just got back from vacation and… WOW. A new Wedding Present track streaming right here in the New Music thread on our new forum software! Will wonders never cease? I’ve been revisiting a bunch of their classics having recently purchased Hit Parade, Seamonsters, and George Best on vinyl.

RB, I’m also psyched for that new Avalanches. I like Frankie and Colours but Subways doesn’t do much for me. I found an article that went into some detail about samples used in each track and I was really delighted to read that they took samples from a terrific short documentary film called American Juggalo.

There’s no end to the great quotes in there, but I’d say the smart money’s on the gentleman at 6:06.


Yeah, this is really good. The single “Your Best American Girl” sounds like it belongs in a very special season-ending episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but the rest of the album is terrific. Her voice has a weird flat but still expressive quality that would’ve made 4AD’s Ivo sign her to a five-album deal, I think.


Admittedly, Colourbox were barely a bump in my personal musical landscape, but they had some nice tunes. Still though, “Pump Up The Volume” was pretty much a game-changer in modern pop music.


That’s awful. I listened to that cassette quite often in the throes of my 4AD fandom. Think I even had the cardboard insert sticky-tacked on my dorm room wall alongside pictures of Winona Ryder and the cenobites. I always liked how his infectious music balanced out their more ethereal, gothic artists. You could say Young’s upbeat, collage approach is alive and well this week with the much-hyped arrival of the new Avalanches. How great that he gave 4AD a massive single.

I’ll be listening to my Colourbox and A.R. Kane tomorrow.

Ugh! I’m not ready to lose artists from that label.


“Pump Up The Volume” still sounds bang up to date, frankly. I’m pretty sure you could’ve put that 12" out two weeks ago and it’d fit right in. That brilliant “put the needle on the record” breakdown in the middle still gets the heart pumping 28 years later.

I put the “Colourbox World Cup Theme” and the pre-Volume cut-up track “Hot Doggie” on the turntable in honor of the man tonight.


So good! Fun hearing these again also: Say You ~ The Moon is Blue


Found this Colourbox - Punch 12" in my record collection… I have no idea where I may have purchased this beat-up, old, 98-cent, used single but it looks like a radio station had it first… somebody wrote the track titles in marker not just on that sticker but on the album itself.


Speaking of artists influenced by Colourbox, this reissue of [Cornelius - Fantasma] ( just arrived and it’s even more batshit-bananapants than I remember. Much of the album sounded grating to my ears back when it came out in '98. Guess I’ve evolved considerably! It’s tremendous.


Oh, I fucking love that album! It’s a total masterpiece.

That turned me on to so much candy-colored Shibuya-kei indiepop I never would’ve heard of otherwise…Kahimi Karie and Pizzicato Five most prominently, but Fantastic Plastic Machine and Flipper’s Guitar and Asa Chang and Color Filter and Towa Tei and Takako Minekawa and Plus-Tech Squeeze Box. Buffalo Daughter. Capsule. So much great stuff that didn’t sound anything like American/British indie music around that time.

I’m gonna have to go put that on right now!