The new animated GIFs thread that is ONLY posts with animated GIFs in them!


That’s an impressive maneuver!


Not the time to be stubbing your toe.



Looks like something from Suboceana. I couldn’t find a gif of Tina Weymouth dressed as a jellyfish to reply, so here’s this one.

Tina Weymouth



Yeah, beeyotch!



Oh. Cute…




Ah! The Raft, eh?




Busy tonight. Gotta wash my hair.






I keep watching this gif over and over and it gives and gives. I like the guy taking his shoe off. I like how little damage it looks like this actually did. The 90 degree turn the dude takes in order to drive into the deli. All awesome. What a day those people just had.

But for the life of me, I cannot figure out how the woman facing away from the door/window, who is messing with her shirt/purse:
a) moves out of the way in the appropriate direction
b) doesn’t follow anyone else’s lead, since she is the first to start moving in the line of people (including the two people behind the counter)
c) never turns around to face the issue to even know which way to move

I guess she just got lucky. That or she sees the future 2 seconds from now.