The new animated GIFs thread that is ONLY posts with animated GIFs in them!


In the spirit of Halloween!



Man, that’s hypnotic.


I guess now is a good time to post my favorite gif when someone hasn’t answered me on Slack/whatever for work*:

Because notification sounds to me are “doots” because they sound like “doot”.



OK that one got a legit LOL out of me. Angry dooting, that’s awesome.


Halloween Costume Time!



I love the Slav look of Putin.



I cannot figure out why his instinct is to drop his arms to his side and face plant, instead of throwing his arms out in front of himself protectively.


He realizes the futility of it all? He’s a fat man running up a 90 ramp.


Because [and this clip is NSFW or children]:

Also. Gif:



It took me a few seconds to notice that as I was anticipating a giant roof-snowdrift falling on his head.


As a fat man I feel like I have an idea. First, it looks like he does put his arms down and they slip. But when I fall now I usually whatever-plant. Side, chest, face, butt. I do it because if I stop my 300 pound ass with my arms from a hard fall, I could break them. I feel off my bike as a kid (when I weighed way less) and actually did break my arm by breaking my fall. It would be way worse now. As you start falling you throw your arms out, feel the forces start acting on them, and pull them in to preserve them. This strategy has not let me down actually, usually taking a force distributed against a lot of your body instead of all in your arms/hands is a good idea. I’ve never seriously hurt myself falling except for the bike falling. I don’t fall that much as an adult though so who knows if I’m right. I’m bad at words right now so I apologize for this poorly written thing.


Heh. I feel ya man. Last time I fell I broke my foot. How the hell does that work? Yeah, I could lose a few pounds.


I wonder if that’s the “Yes, I would like to science please” penguin?


Creed 2: The Early Years