The new animated GIFs thread that is ONLY posts with animated GIFs in them!


Happy N7 day!

com-crop (1)



Dude. There are easier ways to take your pants off.

And now… catesnek!




We’ll bang OK?




Spoiler for some blood.

“Fasten your seat belt.”


Oh weird, spoilering a gif just makes it blurry. I thought something was wrong with my computer for a second.

Oh, and uh, have a gif!



Yeah, I didn’t even know you could spoiler an animated gif.


What’s that WW2-ish aerial scene from?


I was looking for a Cobra Command (not Cobra Commander) gif. Couldn’t find one. So Dragon’s Lair it is.


You can details a gif (the one that folds/hides instead of blurring), but only if you format it correctly. If you just type out an image url, say “”, it will automatically make it a link. If you put it on a separate line, you get it embedded:

But if you do the same separate line trick in a details block (gear button -> “Hide Details”, it don’t do shit but link it.


…which was done with this markup:



So instead you need to do the actual image linking manually like so:

Test 2

…with this markup:

[details="Test 2"]


Wow, JGL got swole.


Polish short film: Paths of Hate.

Also used in a Gunship music video.


Thanks! Paths of Hate is an extremely cool if psychedelic and distressing short film.



In CC’s defense, that director was a monster.