The new animated GIFs thread that is ONLY posts with animated GIFs in them!




It was! It was your 3 Best Anachronisms 3x3.






Listen carefully.


This didn’t work on me. Might be a lot of reasons, but maybe it’s because I’m used to looking at video game sequences with no sound effects.

It IS a very convincing screen shake!



@marquac: I love that Dunkirk chalk gif so freaking much. Damn. Well done.



I wonder how much room they could save by holding their bags and briefcases above their heads.


Wow. That’s bonkers.


Supposedly some dude in CA saving a bunny from the fires now.

I love when he raises his hands to his head. “NO YOU STUPID BUNNY OMG WHAT AM I GONNA DO NOW”







@ChristienMurawski, I wanted to post this in the Atomic Blonde thread for how I felt. :)



If, toward the end of the signature action scene, when Charlize and Bad Guy stand up all staggered like, they had started exchanging forearms I was prepared to stand up and NICE. Maybe next time.